Reasons to love using Buttercup

From its aroma, texture, and taste to practical applications in baking and cooking – these are the reasons to love using Buttercup!

Making Crispy Cookies

Since Buttercup contains less moisture, it will make the air and moisture absorption slower, resulting in crispy cookies that lasts a longer time!

Use For Cooking

Buttercup’s higher smoke point is suitable for sauteing and cooking food as it will not burn easily.

Making Raya Cookies

Pure dairy butter gives a strong overpowering dairy taste. It will make all of your Raya cookies taste like butter cookies! So it is perfect to use Buttercup as it is a mixture of a higher milk fat percentage and high-quality vegetable oil.

Making Flavoured Butter Cake

Buttercup is great for making flavored butter cakes as the aroma will complement instead of overpowering the other added flavors in the cake.

Making Bread Glaze

It is recommended to use Buttercup in making bread glaze. Compared to butter, Buttercup will no solidify when it is cooled down and this will avoid the thin oily skin layer on top of your bread.

Making Pineapple Tarts

Buttercup will increase the level of pastry crispiness, making it less crumbly. Also, pineapple tart pastry dough made will Buttercup will not stick to your hands while kneading.

Try making it now to sweeten up your day!

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