Roche Truffle Cake Recipe

It’s a cake made in chocolate heaven! A glorious combination of chocolate truffles toppings, chocolate cake and Hwa Tai Cream Crackers, our Roche Chocolate Cake recipe will make all chocolate lovers fall in love.

Rocher Truffle Cake


Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Truffle

Rocher Truffle

Hwa Tai Streusel Cocoa Fleur


Chocolate Cake

  • In a bowl combine eggs and sugar and beat until thick and fluffy.
    Rocher Truffle Cake 1 1
  • Sift cocoa powder and flour into the bowl and fold the batter until the dry ingredient are well incorporated
    Rocher Truffle Cake 2 1
  • Add in Melted butter and fold gently
    Rocher Truffle Cake 3
  • Divide into x3 5 inch round cake pan
    Rocher Truffle Cake 4
  • And bake for approximately 15-18 minutes in 160c oven
  • Let it cool. Once cool cut into 6 same level cake disk.

Chocolate Truffle

  • In a pot combine cream and chocolate and let it melt and warm a little bit
    Rocher Truffle Cake 5
  • Once fully melted remove it from the heat and let it cool a bit.
    Rocher Truffle Cake 6
  • In another pot add water ( bain marie) put the bowl on top of the pot and add egg yolk and sugar and beat until the egg triple in size about 6-10 minutes and add vanilla
    Rocher Truffle Cake 7
  • Remove from heat.
  • Combine it with the chocolate mixture by using folding method.
    Rocher Truffle Cake 8

Rocher Truffle

  • In a bowl combine the chocolate and cream and microwave it until melt .
  • Once melt let it cool until it become somewhat kind of a paste
    Rocher Truffle Cake 9
  • Reserve 14 hazelnut and roughly crush the remaining and also crush the crackers and combine together in one bowl.
    Rocher Truffle Cake 10
  • Take the chocolate make a ball and insert the hazelnut on the center. Repeat the process until there are no chocolate left and store in freezer for 5 minute. This recipe will make 14 truffle balls.
    Rocher Truffle Cake 11
  • Melt the remaining chocolate, once melted dip the ball into the chocolate and roll it in the crushed cracker hazelnut bowl (7) and cocoa powder bowl (7)
    Rocher Truffle Cake 12

Hwa Tai Streusel Cocoa Fleur

  • Combine all ingredient and massage it until well combine
    Rocher Truffle Cake
  • Spread it on a baking tray and bake for 15 min in 160c oven
    Rocher Truffle Cake 1
  • Transfer the struesel into a 5 inch baking pan and press it to make it as a flat disk
    Rocher Truffle Cake 2
  • Choll until it is ready to be used.

This could be a brilliant choice of cake for a Valentine’s Day Gift or as a Birthday Cake.

We collaborate with Hwa Tai to create this awesome recipe.

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