Sleeping Tips That You Definitely Need! (No. 6 is a MUST try!)

Let’s be honest, our sleep schedule hasn’t been normal since the start of lockdown or perhaps even before that… And especially, when you have your phone with you. Picture this, scrolling in your bed for God knows how long until you fall asleep with a TikTok playing on loop on your phone. Sounds familiar? 

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So, tired of tossing and turning in your bed every night? Getting worried that the only time you’re able to sleep is waaaaay past midnight? Here are several sleeping tips that we would like for you to try out for a better sleeping routine!

1. Reduce blue light

Reduce blue light
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This may not be the first time you’ve heard of blue light but if it is, blue light refers to the light that comes from your electronic devices such as your phone and laptop. In general, it helps you to boost awareness but we’re pretty sure that’s not what you need when it’s bedtime. We know it’s hard but start putting away all of your electronic devices minutes before bedtime so you wouldn’t feel so wide awake. 

2. Make your bed your sacred place

Make your bed your sacred place
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Sounds a little dramatic but we mean it. By sacred, we mean steer clear of all types of activities except for sleeping. Yes, this includes no scrolling on the phone in your bed. Create your bedroom a serene space that doesn’t help you remind of anything except for sleep.

3. Avoid caffeine

Avoid caffeine
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We’re not telling you that you can’t drink coffee. That’s crazy talk! But, what we’re trying to say is let’s not drink any caffeine-induced beverage late in the day. Caffeine may stop your body from being able to stay comfortable and relax at night. If you drink it so often, we’re pretty sure you would know how it affects you, right?

4. Daytime naps

Daytime naps
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Doesn’t the word ‘naps’ just make you feel a little giddy? Being able to squeeze in a few minutes in your daily schedule just to rest sounds like a good idea. Start taking regular daytime naps in the afternoon for 30 minutes only so that you can be energized throughout the day and not spend working throughout the night. Not only it puts you in a better mood but it also increases your motivation and productivity! See, naps aren’t that bad!

5. Sleeping apps?

Sleeping apps
Sleeping apps

Now that we’re getting more modern day by day, did you know we have apps for sleeping now? Sleeping apps are available to download so that you can track your sleeping routine and it will assist by providing you with tips to help you sleep better at night. There’s also an app that aids you in getting into a deep slumber with their peaceful story-telling and meditation so that you’ll get less anxiety and restful sleep. Isn’t that neat?

6. Lettuce Tea is the Cure

Lettuce Tea is the Cure
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Okay, so you’ve tried everything on this list and unfortunately, you’re still having trouble sleeping? Check out our ‘insomnia hack’ where apparently it helps you to fall into a deep slumber in just a half an hour! One of our team members tried it out, it worked well for him.


  • Lettuce
  • Hot Water


  1. Cut up a piece of lettuce and put it in your favourite mug.
  2. Pour in some hot water.
  3. Drink!

Optional: Pour in a few drops of honey if you’re not fond of the lettuce taste, but you’re not gonna remember much later when you fall asleep!

Getting enough sleep is one of the easy ways you can take care of yourself, look at it as a form of self-care! We want our readers to feel healthy and well-rested most of the time so that you can survive through these days. If you have any sleeping tips that would definitely benefit you and everyone else, do share with us! For now, follow these steps and sleep well.

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