Squid Game Candy Recipe

Have you seen the newest South Korean Netflix show called ‘Squid Game’? It’s currently a hype especially the Dalgona Candy game We have the recipe ready for you to take on the challenge at home with your friends and family. That is if you’re brave enough to try out!

Squid Game Candy Recipe



  • Put sugar on a ladle and place it over low fire.
  • Keep stirring it until it has melted and slightly caramelised.
  • Remove from fire, put a pinch of baking soda and continue stirring.
  • Pour over parchment paper, put in skewer and leave it for 20 seconds.
    Squid Game Candy
  • Use a stainless steel flat pan and press over it.
  • Remove and use any cutter that you have and lightly press onto it.
  • Leave it until it is harden.
  • Draw the shape you want and remove from parchment paper.
    Squid Game Candy

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