Store Your Fresh Food in the Freezer with Ziplock Bags for Longer Freshness


There are many ways for mothers to store fresh food in the fridge at home. One of them, as shared by Ms. Miemiey Apple Berry, is by using ziplock bags. It is simple and saves space. At the same time, it’s easier for moms to divide the fresh food according to daily usage. Furthermore, this tip helps ease the process of preparing bento for schooling children.

1) Separate the Non-veg dishes in a plastic ziplock

Wash the fresh food and divide them in containers beforehand. 

Then, put them into the smaller ziplock bags. Divide according to daily usage.

The space in the fridge will be used efficiently. I also used small containers to store sauces or fried food.

In this picture, I was trying to cook quickly as I forgot to take out the fresh food earlier. But it’s best if we can take them out to defrost beforehand. If we want it quick but want to avoid adding water in the plastic, just soak the ziplock bag with water.

2) Where to Get Ziplock Bags

You can get ziplock bags from Eco, Mr Diy, Daiso, or any other supermarket nearby. There are various sizes, so you may choose which one suits your purpose. 

Credit for this tip goes to Miemiey Apple Berry . You can check out her profile here.

All image rights and credits go to the respective owner.

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