Tasty Cendol Garden Road & Ayam Geprek Cik Mawar!

Are you seeking a place in Klang Valley to fulfil your Cendol and Nasi Ayam Geprek cravings? Search no more as Jalan Kebun got it all!


Cendol Garden Road has prided itself on serving flavourful cendol and rojak to its customers since 1996.

“This business was first established at the roadside of Jalan Kebun but now is operating as a small restaurant,” said the owner, Saifulrizazie Bin Kassim, more fondly called Azie. It was initially his in-law’s business, but he took over the company 28 years ago.

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Image from iOS

Look at how many ingredients you will get on each spoonful of this Cendol Kacang Jagung! It will leave you with a creamy aftertaste and satisfying dessert time 🤩 This Cendol Kacang Jagung is the most famous menu at Cendol Garden Road! 

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Cendol Mangga is also one of the menus that you are worth trying! Instead of using mango puree, Cendol Garden Road uses a perfect bite-sized fresh mango to complement the flavour of the cendol 🥭 If you have never tasted Cendol with Mangga before, you should try this menu, sure you will like it!

Check out the desserts and dishes available with their prices here!


If you think the fun stops there, you are mistaken because Cendol Garden Road also has a stall selling Nasi Ayam Geprek. 

Nasi Ayam Geprek Cik Mawar specialises in Nasi Ayam Geprek, and can you guess what makes it so unique from any other stalls that sell the same dish? 


The Nasi Ayam Geprek can be distinguished by its sambal, which has a nice kick! 🔥 The sambal recipe is originally made by the owner, Azie, which you cannot find in other places. P/s: You will undoubtedly remember the flavour and want to order again!

It also has been serving delicious Nasi Ayam Geprek to residents for two years. You will not find Nasi Ayam Geprek Cik Mawar anywhere else, as the one located in Jalan Kebun is the only branch! 


The chickens will be fried at the location to preserve the freshness of the products, allowing you to devour the meal when it is still hot and fresh! 


Doesn’t this picture make your mouth water? It has various sides consisting of a bowl of soup, a piece of salad, ‘tempe’ and ‘tauhu’ and sliced key lime to cut down the spiciness. You can also ask for extra sambal if you want! 

Oh! If you’re wondering why it is named Cik Mawar, it is because Azie was inspired by his daughter’s name 😍 The brand name also will make it easier for people to remember as it has such a cute and quirky name.

 If you are up to the challenge, try the Nasi Ayam Geprek Cik Mawar now! 

Pro-tip, order both Cendol and Nasi Ayam Geprek to balance out the spiciness of the ‘sambal’ with the creamy taste of Cendol 😋 

Here are the menus you must try at Cendol Garden Road:

  1. Cendol Kacang Jagung
  2. Rojak
  3. Cendol Mangga
  4. Nasi Ayam Geprek
  5. ABC

Address: Jln Kebun, Kampung Jln Kebun, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor

Operation Hours: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm (Monday – Saturday)

Google Map: Navigate Here

Google Review: Here

Contact Number: 017-3795468 (Azie)

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