Texas Chicken Seafood Series Launching – A Seafood Diving Experience With Texas Chicken


As one of the most well-known chain fast food restaurants in Malaysia, Texas Chicken always launches new products to surprise their customers.

This time, Texas Chicken has come out with something beyond chickens, where they offer wonderful shrimp burgers and fish burgers. As foodies, there’s no way that we don’t try them for you!

It’s still quite unbelievable when we can order seafood items in Texas Chicken. Hence, we kept confirming with the staff. What we ordered were the shrimp burger combo and fish burger combo. In addition, we ordered prawn tempura and fish fingers as well.


In this context, the shrimp burger set comes with a shrimp burger with mayonnaise, French fries, and a drink. For the fish burger set, we got a fish burger with tartar sauce, French fries, and a drink.

To be honest, we were quite afraid that the burgers have a fishy smell as they are all made from seafood. However, surprisingly, whether it’s the burger or the side, it does not have any fishy smell at all. Instead, they are very fresh and taste like something freshly prepared in a seafood restaurant.


Besides, the patties are crispy outside and juicy inside. This made everyone of us put up our thumbs automatically. We nearly wanted to fight, just to get one more bite of the burger.

For the sides, they are like the best match for the burgers. I think Texas Chicken probably knows that the burgers are too good and can’t satisfy us. Hence, the prawn tempuras and fish fingers are provided as an ala carte choice for extensive satisfaction.


Prawn tempuras tasted like freshly made from Japanese restaurants, while the fish fingers brought us into the sea. When we tasted them, we felt like we were eating by the beach.

Wait no more! You should definitely taste the new range of products from Texas Chicken. Now, they are not only having delicious fried chicken but also satisfying shrimp and fish burgers.

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