The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Brings New Ramadhan and Raya Special Beverages and Meals

To relight those precious moments with family and friends during the fulfilling month of Ramadhan and Raya, this year, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brings new Ramadhan and Raya special beverages and meals. 

Starting off with Beverages, everything is freshly brewed.  

Cold Brew Black

Small RM11.50, Regular RM12.50

Cold Brew Latte

Small RM12.50, Regular RM13.50

Cold Brew Midnight 

Regular RM14.50

The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Brings New Ramadhan and Raya Special Beverages and Meals
Image credit: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Malaysia

Cold Brew Burnt Caramel with Cream Cap

Small RM14.50, Regular RM15.50

Double Chocolate Banana Caramel Ice Blended® 

Small RM17.90, Regular RM18.90 

Cold Brew Burnt Caramel with Cream Cap
Image credit: minime insights

Now, let’s check the Ramadhan Special Menu out.  

The Straits (Pandan Cake) 

Whole RM139.90/1.6 kg, Per slice RM13.95, Petite size RM55/0.56 kg

The Straits Pandan Cake

The Raya (Chocolate and Coffee Cake with Crunchy Pecans)

Whole RM149.90/1.8 kg, Per slice RM14.95

The Raya Chocolate and Coffee Cake with Crunchy Pecans

Lychee & Rose Tart

Whole RM139.90/1.3 kg, Per slice RM13.95

Lychee Rose Tart

Banana Walnut Loaf

Whole RM35.00/ 600g, Per slice RM9.50

Banana Walnut Loaf

Masak Merah Spaghetti


Masak Merah Spaghetti

Rendang Pandesal

RM10.90 each

Rendang Pandesal

Serunding Swirl

RM9.50 each

Serunding Swirl


RM9.90 each 

Ber cookie

You can enjoy all these special brewed beverages now until 2nd May 2022. Also, at 8 pm, you can get one free dessert at every purchase of two specially brewed beverages. 

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