This Is How You Get The Tastiest Clam Meat

I’m a huge lover of clams, and the more tender it is, the better it is! So how do you get the best tasting clams? DO NOT USE WATER TO BOIL IT! Surprising right? But it is true. This is how you should actually cook clams.

1. Heat up the wot and add some lemon grass. Use a low fire.

Image Credit: mingguanwanita.

2. Then add in your clams.

Image Credit: mingguanwanita.

3. It will start to smoke because there is no water.

Image Credit: mingguanwanita.

4. Let it sit for a while till the water from the clams starts to pour out.

Image Credit: mingguanwanita.

5. You will see the water increase in amount and the clams start to open up more.

Image Credit: mingguanwanita.

6. After most of them have opened up, you can take them out of the wok and start to serve it.

Image Credit: mingguanwanita.

7. Season it with chilli sauce and lime. You can eat it with some noodles and bean sprouts. It will taste awesome!

Image Credit: mingguanwanita.

Credits for this delicious tip (hehehe) goes to Syahr Musafir.

If you have any other tips to cook clams or any other great tips in the kitchen, do share them with us! We would love to see them! 

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