This Is What You Should Add To Your Ikan Bilis (Anchovies) To Make It Crispier | SECRET REVEALED!

If you are a fan of ikan bilis also known as anchovies, you would definitely appreciate it when they are crispier! It adds that tasty crunch to your meal!

So if you would like to ensure that when you cook them, be sure to use this USEFUL TIP!

The secret ingredient to add is VINEGAR!

So how do you do it?

  1. First wash the anchovies well, then drain the excess water. Leave it to dry off for at least 2 hours. (Some people are scared to wash it, because they are worried about making the anchovies soft. However, this should not be a concern though. Plus, you should definitely ALWAYS wash ingredients cleanly before eating. ESPECIALLY MEAT OR SEAFOOD.)
Image Credit: Liza Idris

2. Then heat up your pan. Without using any oil, add in the anchovies and saute them for a little while.

Image Credit: Liza Idris

3. Add the vinegar into the pan. Pour in as much as you think is appropriate according to the amount of anchovies being cooked.

Image Credit: Liza Idris

4. Mix the vinegar and anchovies well. (you can mix with your hands too if the pan is not too hot)

Image Credit: Liza Idris

5. Then take them out of the pan. Add in some oil and turn up the heat. Wait till the oil is really heated up and bubly, then add in the anchovies and fry them.

Image Credit: Liza Idris

6. Once they appear to look golden brown, you can take them out.

Image Credit: Liza Idris

7. You are done!

Image Credit: Liza Idris

Credits for this extremely useful tip goes to Liza Idris.

Try it now and get crispier anchovies everytime!

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