Tips To Make The Best Rendang | Food For ‘Bulan Puasa’

We all love eating rendang. However, making it is something we are a little scared of usually. 

What is Rendang?

If you don’t already know, rendang is actually a flavorful thick curry made with rich coconut and tender beef. It is an explosion of flavor and tastes savoury and spicy. It also smells divine due to the coconut milk and spices!

It is best eaten with a nice warm bowl of white rice or lemang (sticky rice).

To be honest, you don’t have to be intimidated by it actually. You just need to know the tips and tricks and with a little practice, you’ll be able to make the best rendang. 

So if you are planning to try making rendang or perhaps want to up your ‘rendang game’, these are some of the best tips to make the best rendang!

Tips to Make the Best Rendang

Boneless short rib beef or stew beef is preferred. It will ensure the tenderness and sexyness (just kidding) of the meat which is sought after in rendang.

Cut the beef into small pieces to ensure that it is cooked well and enough that it’s so tender you start smiling when chewing.

Image Credit: maangchi.

The rendang gets its ‘oomph’ from the kerisik or known as toasted coconut! This secret ingredient is what makes your rendang all the more flavorful.

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You will need to cook it on low heat slowly to ensure all the flavor is gloriously absorbed into the curry. It takes at least 2 hours or more for the coconut milk to caramelize to give it a rich flavor.

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This is not about being greedy. It’s because when you have more, you can keep the leftovers for the next day. And the flavor and aroma becomes more intense actually on the next day!

Image Credit: thespicehouse

Use both dried and fresh chilli. The dried chilli gives the smokey flavor whereas the fresh chillies give the nice ‘red’ color to the curry.

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It is best to pound the herbs instead of blending it though of course blending will be easier and faster. This is because the oil from the spices and herbs will be released when pounding. This is why your ‘nenek’ or grandma always prefers the traditional methods which results also in better tasting rendang.

Image Credit: finecooking.

Now you can be more confident and try making your own rendang. Good luck and have fun with it! This Raya will be more special by making your own rendang that is filled with love for your family!

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