Tips To Store Your Limes Longer | A Simple and Quick Method

Lime is used a lot in asian cooking. I mean we can’t deny that we love our dishes to have that extra flavor or ‘zing’ that comes from the delicious, sour-tasting lime. 

Things you need:

  1. Knife
  2. Cooking mesh
  3. Cup
  4. Funnel
  5. Ice cube tray
  6. Container
  7. Your tasty limes!

How to do it: 

Image Credit : Siti Fatimah Abas (Facebook)

Storing it for long can be difficult though. And it’s not common to just buy a few, usually you buy a lot in one-go. So having a method to make it last longer will be certainly helpful. And let me tell you the good news. You can! How? Refer below!

  1. First, cut up the limes so that it will be much easier for you to squeeze the life, i mean juice outta them hahaha.
Image Credit : Siti Fatimah Abas (Facebook)

2. Get a little cute filter and a cup to squeeze the lime juice without getting any of the annoying seeds into it. (yes it annoys me)

Image Credit : Siti Fatimah Abas (Facebook)
Image Credit : Siti Fatimah Abas (Facebook)

3. Once you have gotten all the juice out of the limes. Pour them into an ice cube tray.

Image Credit : Siti Fatimah Abas (Facebook)

4. Tip: You may use a funnel when pouring to ensure you don’t accidentally spill those precious juices or make a mess.

5. You may need one or two ice cube trays depending on how much juice of lime you have gotten.

6. Then refrigerate them overnight.

Image Credit : Siti Fatimah Abas (Facebook)

7. The next day, you can simply take them out and store them in a container

Image Credit : Siti Fatimah Abas (Facebook)

8. There you have it! You can keep this in your fridge and use it when desired.

Credit to this interesting tip goes to Siti Fatimah Abas. You can check out her profile here.

If you have any other wonderful tips like these for making your lime or other fruits and veggies to last longer or even other kitchen tips, do let us know! Good luck trying it!

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