Top 10 Baking Tools You Need in The Kitchen

You’re suddenly interested in baking but you don’t know where to start? Well.. you’ve arrived at the right place. It’s important to have all these baking tools in the kitchen so you’re prepared to take on any baking challenge. Now, go forth my friend and check out what you need!

1. Measuring Cups/Tools

Measuring Cups Tools
Image credit: Shopee

When you’re baking, you need the exact measurements of every ingredient so the outcome is exactly how you’ve expected, and obviously this is the most important baking tool you need to have in your kitchen. Sometimes, the reason why our baking attempts fail is the inaccurate measurement of ingredients so this should be in your drawer in the kitchen.

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2. Oven Thermometer

Over Thermometer
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Yep, the oven itself has a thermometer. This tool is crucial because sometimes your oven temperature can be inaccurate unless it’s new. When you thought you had your oven temperature to 170ºC but turns out, it’s not the exact temperature? That would ruin your baked goods. I emphasized a lot about oven temperature in this article so invest in one to save your baking attempts. 

3. Digital Scale

TANITA KD321 Digital Kitchen Scale
Image credit: Shopee

You would think a weighing scale is only important when you’re baking a lot for people. Well… think again. A digital scale or a regular scale will definitely give you the exact, accurate measurements and save you from the most common baking mistake.

4. Wire whisk

Wire whisk
Image credit: finecooking

You probably already have this in the kitchen but don’t use much, right? Because you often depend on forks when you’re beating eggs but that would only help you when you beat only a few eggs. If you’re beating 6 eggs and above, a wire whisk will make things easier for you. 

5. Rolling pin

Rolling pin gif
Image credit: Giphy

You’re gonna need a rolling pin when you need to flat out the dough to make your dream cookies. Also, not just to flat out things. Wanna crush and crumble your crackers or Oreos to pieces? Rolling Pin is definitely hard enough to crush them up.

6. Silicone Baking Mat

Silicone Baking Mat
Image recipe: myrecipes

You often see parchment paper whenever you’re looking up a baking recipe, but how about investing in a silicone baking mat? It serves the same purpose as a parchment paper and it keeps your baking pan clean from any sort of residue. Plus, it’s environmentally-friendly as all you need to do is wash them and re-use when you need to.

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7. Baking Pans

Baking Pans
Image recipe: Better Homes and Gardens

Well, this is super essential when you wanna shape up your baked goods. I believe it’s self-explanatory. Baking pans come in various shapes and sizes. For cakes, you can pick up 8-inch cake pans. A loaf pan is used when you want to bake bread like banana bread, and the square ones can be used to bake brownies.

8. Hand mixer

Top 10 Hand Mixer in Malaysia
Top 10 Hand Mixer in Malaysia

When you’re too tired to mix something up manually, a hand mixer will definitely come in handy (hehe). Hand mixers are used to beat and combine ingredients. It’s portable, small and easy to carry so you can do your mixing with ease. No, I wasn’t trying to imply that you should carry it everywhere but you should definitely invest in it as sometimes a recipe would call for a hand mixer. 

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9. Cooling rack

Cooling rack

I used to have this thought that maybe all the baked goods I made can just be set and cool on the counter. Apparently, no. A cooling rack may just be your best friend. As you let your baked goods to chill, let it chill on the rack. It allows air to circulate completely and all around it. Thus, it helps to cool quickly.

10. Silicone Spatula/Wooden spoon/Mixing bowls

Silicone Spatula Wooden spoon Mixing bowls
Image credit: Vecteezy

Mixing bowls, wooden spoons and silicone spatula are essential when you’re doing your mixing of ingredients. You don’t need a lot of wooden spoons, only one would come in handy when stirring your ingredients together. You’re maybe wondering, why silicone? Why not plastic? Well, silicone is more baking/cooking-friendly as it can help with handling extremely hot mixtures and plastic on the other hand doesn’t do well with heat.

We hope this list of tools is helpful enough for you to tick off what you need in the baking supplies list. You can check out our various top 10 articles for your baking tools and ingredients needed to make your desired baked goods! Happy baking!

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