Top 10 Best Steamboat Soup Base in Malaysia 2022

Who doesn’t love steamboats? It’s a meal that’s not only delicious, but it’s something to be shared among your loved ones as well. What’s better than having everyone gathered around a single pot, sharing different stories while eating from the same pot? And with the right ingredients and soup, it can be an experience that you will never soon forget. 

Though steamboats are easy to prepare, choosing the right soup base may enhance the flavours of all the food and make them more enjoyable! Some soup bases can even be addicting and increase your appetite. Here we present to you the top 10 steamboat soup base in Malaysia in 2022 that you can get to up your steamboat game! Or maybe just to try some new flavours that you have yet to. 

1. HAIDILAO Hot Pot Soup 

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I’m sure many are familiar with Hai Di Lao, the famous steamboat restaurant that offers a wide range of steamboat food! It is also a great place to gather with your friends. One of the many reasons that Hai Di Lao is so famous is its different soup base. They offer a wide variety of soup bases ranging from Broth to Shrimp flavour! All soup tastes distinct and different, but all packed with robust flavours! If you love spicy, their spicy hot pot is your go to! We highly recommend their tomato flavour soup, it has a sweet and tangy flavour! It’s also one of their most popular soup bases. 

Ingredients: Soybean oil, water, salt, pepper, onion powder, spices 

Country of Origin: China 

Size Available: 220g 

Flavours Available: Tomato, Shrimp, Basic Stir-Fry, Mushroom, Broth, Spicy, Beef Tallow, Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu, Spicy Garlic Shredded Prok

Price: RM4.90 to RM8.30

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

2. Prawn Paste Steamboat Soup Base

Prawn Paste Steamboat Soup Base
Image credit: Shopee

If you’re someone who enjoy a fresh seafood flavour steamboat soup, then this Prawn Paste steamboat soup base will certainly sate your appetite for your cravings! It’s tangy, fresh, robust and full of prawn flavoured soup base will definitely make your steamboat way more delicious (than it already is). 

Ingredients: Shrimp, onion, sugar, salt, chilli

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Size Available:  240g

Price: RM12 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

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3. Hao Ren Jia soup base

Hao Ren Jia soup base
Image credit: Shopee

Hao Ren JIa is another popular soup base that many enjoy, and not without a good reason. All its soup bases are rich in ingredients that make the various flavours distinct and unique, some even claim that it’s better than Hai Di Lao’s soup bases! If you’re curious about these claims, why not grab one and try them today? 

Ingredients: Seasoning bag, rapeseed oil, salt, sugar, yeast extract

Country of Origin: China 

Size Available: 130g, 200g 

Flavours Available: Tomato, Mushroom, Seafood 

Price: RM9.60 (130g) | RM12.60 (200g) 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

4. AjiShan Steamboat Soup Sachet 

AjiShan Steamboat Soup Sachet
Image credit: Shopee

If you prefer a soup base that pairs well with noodles, tofu and basically anything else; you should try this! It has a mild, slightly salty and sweet flavour compared to other soup bases. If you’re just looking for a soup base that brings out the flavour of other ingredients, we recommend this! 

Ingredients: Anchovy, Soya bean, dried cuttlefish, white pepper, salt, sugar 

Country of Origin: Malaysia 

Size Available: 50g 

Price: RM5.90

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

5. Xiao Long Kan Soup Base

Xiao Long Kan Soup Base
Image credit: Shopee

Xiao Long Kan, another popular steamboat restaurant is another popular brand loved by many. They provide various flavours ranging from basic stir fry to sichuan style flavour. Many claimed that this is as tasty as some of the popular brands such as Hai Di Lao. Give them a try today!

Ingredients: Chilli, sichuan pepper, beef tallow, bean paste, salt, white sugar, ginger, spice

Country of Origin: China 

Size Available: 80g, 150g, 195g, 280g, 450g 

Flavours Available: Basic stir-fry, mushroom, shrimp, tomato, condiment rap, sichuan, clear soup, crayfish 

Price: RM6.59 to RM16.90 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

6. Ocean Papa Instant Anchovy Soup Base 

Ocean Papa Instant Anchovy Soup Base
Image credit: Ikan Bilis Ocean Papa

Prefer something seafood but lighter? Try this anchovy soup base! It’s made with only the highest quality fresh anchovy from the sea. Though light, it has a robust, fresh aromatic seafood flavour that seafood lovers can’t resist. 

Ingredients: Anchovy, fried onion, salt, sugar, flavourings 

Country of Origin: Malaysia 

Size Available: 75g 

Price: RM4.50 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

7. Vegetarian Mama Vege Tom Yum Soup Base 

Vegetarian Mama Vege Tom Yum Soup Base
Image credit: Shopee

If you’re a Tom Yum lover (like many of us are), then you should definitely try this plant-based vegetarian tom yum soup! It is made using natural ingredients with zero preservatives and the best part? It has zero cholesterol so you can enjoy it without feeling guilty! 

Ingredients: Tomato, sour plum sauce, lemongrass, cooking oil, water chillies, tom yum paste, glanagal, hot chillies, sugar, ginger, kaffir lime leaves, vietnamese coriander, permitted vegetable flavourings 

Country of Origin: Malaysia 

Size Available: 250g 

Price: RM8.90 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

8. Vegetarian Mama Vege Tomato Soup Base 

Vegetarian Mama Vege Tomato Soup Base
Image credit: Mama Vege

Can’t get enough tomato soup and am looking for different brands to try out? What about a plant based vegetarian tomato soup from Mama Vege? Because it has zero preservatives additives, it is fresher and has a more robust tomato flavour. Though it is a vegetarian plant based soup base, it also has received several praises from non vegetarians as well! 

Ingredients: Tomato, tomato sauce, sour plum sauce, ginger, lemongrass, cooking oil, flavourings 

Size Available: 375g 

Price: RM8.90

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

9. Lee Kum Kee Hot Pot Base 

Lee Kum Kee Hot Pot Base
Image credit:

Lee Kum Kee is also a popular brand enjoyed by many. They have a wide range of flavour that compliments your steamboat ingredients very well. The flavours taste robust, savoury with a hint of tanginess. 

Ingredients: water, salt, flavourings, sugar, dried glucose syrup, yeast extract, seasonings 

Country of Origin: China 

Size Available: 70g 

Flavours Available: Pork Bone, Mala, Black Pepper Pork Bone, FIsh & Cilantro, Seafood, Chicken, Drunken Chicken 

Price: RM7

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

10. Marusan Japanese Soup Base

Marusan Japanese Soup Base
Image credit: Shopee

If you prefer Japanese style soup base, then the Marusan Japanese Soup Base should be your go to from now on! They have a variety of authentic Japanese hotpot flavour like Chanko Nabe and Miso Nabe. 

Ingredients: Soy sauce, brewer’s seasoning, salt, chicken stock, kelp extract, yeast extract powder

Size Available: 750g

Flavours Available: Yose Nabe, Chanko Nabe, Soy Milk Nabe, Goma Miso Nabe 

Price: RM19.50 

*Price may vary at the time of purchase 

How to cook soup base

Though steamboat is a rather easy to prepare meal, cooking soup base can be a little tricky when it comes to the right amount of water and the soup base sauce. Here we’ll show you how you can prepare your soup base for a steamboat you’ll certainly enjoy. 

  1. Add about 1 Litres of water into the hot pot and let it boil
  2. Add a packet of soup base (or based on your preferences) into the boiling water 
  3. After boiling, add some steamboat food such as vegetables or just drink the soup to taste – if it tastes great, you’re all set to go! If it tastes a little bland or tasteless, just add more soup base sauce into the water. 

The best soup base will always be the one you enjoy the most, whether it’d be tomato, mala or seafood; any steamboat soup base will taste great while eating with families and friends. And even if it’s only you! There are no requirements on how many people should be eating a steamboat at a time, as long as you’re enjoying it; it’s the right way to eat.

Disclosure: This list was compiled by the team at My Weekend Plan after extensive research and shared opinions to suggest helpful recommendations for the public. The sequence of brands is in no particular order so if you have any other great suggestions too, please email us [email protected] For more information, kindly refer to our copyright, privacy & disclosure policy

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