Top 10 Hot & Spicy Snacks in Malaysia

For those who enjoy eating spicy food, they are usually thrill-seekers, who like to experience new challenges and new things in a safe way. The same goes when eating spicy flavoured food, when they are consuming things that are hot and spicy, the adrenaline kicks in , you feel burnt and slowly begin to sweat. 

Sometimes this is also one of the reasons that people enjoy eating spicy foods, they use this way to release their stress. Eating spicy food is also one of the ways to release stress. So if you like to eat spicy foods, you should try these snacks listed in the top 10, it won’t disappoint you. 

1. Pringles Snack Hot & Spicy 

Pringles Snack Hot Spicy
Image credit: Tesco

The first ever stackable chips, Pringles has made a name for itself as being the originators of having chips in a tube can. A packed loaded with chips up to the top of the can. Each chip is uniquely shaped and well-seasoned. It is not greasy on your fingers and in your mouth. The first ever stackablechips, Pringleshas made a name for itself as being the originators of havingchipsin a tube can. A packed loaded withchipsup to the top of the can. Eachchipis uniquely shaped and well-seasoned. It is not greasy on your fingers and in your mouth.

Ingredients: Dried potato, vegetable oil, rice flour, starch, Hot & Spicy flavor (sugar, monosodium glutamate, onion, garlic, chili, yeast extract, black and white peppers, paprika extract, lactic acid, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, capsicum extract), food additive (emulsifier (mono- di- & triglycerides from palm olein)), maltodextrin, dextrose.

Size (measurement): 107g

Price: RM4.15

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

2. Bento Squid Hot & Spicy 

Bento Squid Hot Spicy
Image credit: Dropee

BENTO Squid Hot and Spicy is a Delicious hot and spicy flavor Squid Snack, High-quality squid mixed with fish meat. Season various spices and herbs, Protein from Squip and Surimi.

Ingredients: Made with squid 45%, surimi 40%, wheat flour 5%, tapioca starch 4%, herbal, spice and seasoning 3.5%, sugar 2%, and salt 0.5%.

Size (measurement): 24g

Price: RM4.00

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

3. Taokaenoi Crispy Seaweed Hot & Spicy

Taokaenoi Crispy Seaweed Hot Spicy
Image credit: Walau Malaysia

TaoKaeNoi Seaweed can be consumed as a snack or as a meal supplement with rice, sandwiches or soup. You can even enjoy it on its own. Frequent consumption of seaweed is able to promote good health without sacrificing the enjoyment of good taste.

Ingredients: Contains seaweed, palm oil, salt, pepper, chili, salt, flavor enhancer(E627, E631)

Size (measurement): 32.5g

Price: RM5.05

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

4. WeiLong Latiao Damianjin Spicy Gluten New Package

WeiLong Latiao Damianjin Spicy Gluten New Package
Image credit: Airyclub

Weilong gluten noodle strips is as long as a pen and as thick as a thumb. Weilong gluten noodle strips gives people the feeling that is an enlarged version of Weilong small gluten. It is very refreshing and it feels like a mouthful and very suitable to relieve glutens

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, spices, soybean dietary fiber powder, food additives, food flavors, and fragrances.

Size (measurement): 65g

Price: RM1.79

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

5. Shoyuemi Snek Ku (Spicy) Seaweed

Shoyuemi Snek Ku Spicy Seaweed
Image credit: Sunshine Online

” Shoyuemi ” Is A Delicious Crispy And Unique Snack Cracker Which Is Process In A Clean Environment
By Using Natural Soy Sauce And Vegetable Essence. Contains Ingredients From Wheat, Soy, Fish, Milk And Sulphites. Produced In A Facility That Uses Crustaceans, Peanut, Egg, Tree Nut, Sesame And Bean.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Palm Olein, Corn Starch, Modified Tapioca Starch, Sweet Basil Seasoning, Soya Sauce, Salt, Soya Sauce Seasoning, Yeast Extract, Sugar and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein.

Size (measurement): 1kg

Price: RM15.20

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

6. Miaow Miaow (Hot & Spicy) Snack Big Pack

Miaow Miaow Hot Spicy Snack Big Pack
Image credit: Lazada

Miaow Miaow snacks is a crunchy childhood snack that can be found in Malaysia. It’s a halal with 60g weight flavoured snacks in a hot and spicy flavour. The shelf life is between 9 to 15 months, it’s better to enjoy it within the period for the better taste. 

Ingredients: Wheat flour, palm oil, tapioca starch, corn starch, sugar, hot & spicy seasoning powder (sugar, salt, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, maltodextrin, corn starch, palm oil, spices, food conditioner, flavoring, monosodium l-glutamate, inosinate, yeast extract.

Size (measurement): 60g

Price: RM1.89

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

7. JinMoFang Fish Tofu Beancurd snacks (spicy flavor)

JinMoFang Fish Tofu Beancurd snacks spicy flavor
Image credit: Shopee

It’s a fish tofu snack in spicy flavor, which is a pork free food that can be enjoyed by everyone. The best before period is 270 days. If there is someone who enjoys eating the fish ball texture, you definitely can’t miss out! 

Ingredients: A Chinese food fish tofu, made with frozen surimi, water, soy protein, etc. 

Size (measurement): 12g

Price: RM0.50

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

8.  DJ&A HALAL Australia Veggie Crisps (Hot & Spicy)

DJA HALAL Australia Veggie Crisps Hot Spicy
Image credit: Shopee

DJ&A Veggie Crisps is a certified halal snack containing 0% of MSG, any artificial colors, or any preservatives. These veggie crisps are made in Australia. It has 30% of low fat snacks compared to regular fried chips.

Ingredients: Yellow sweet potato, green radish, beetroot, broccoli, green beans, shiitake mushroom, maltose, vegetable oils, sea salt, yeast extract, spices, and natural flavor.

Size (measurement): 90g

Price: RM13.80

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

9. Nut Holic Almond (Hot Spicy Chicken) 

Nut Holic Almond Hot Spicy Chicken
Image credit: Shopee

This nut holic is a hot spicy chicken flavor that is made from Korea. It’s convenient to enjoy anywhere and anytime. It’s a halal certified almond snack that can be enjoyed by all ages from kids to adults. 

Ingredients: Roasted almond, sugar powder, sugar, spicy chicken flavor seasoning, refined salt, umami enhanced chicken stock powder, corn starch, glycine, steven fresh, citric acid, disodium 5’ –ribonucleotide, chili extract, starch syrup, mixed formulation; spicy chicken flavor.

Size (measurement): 30g

Price: RM4.40

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

10. Instant Yopokki (Spicy)

Instant Yopokki Spicy
Image credit:

Instant Yopokki is one of the most famous brand Korean rice cakes in a convenience pack (in cup size) with hot and spicy flavor. Everyone can enjoy this as on the go snacks or meal, just simply open the lid and add some hot water based on the instructions and heat it up in the microwave and it’s ready to serve.

Ingredients: Rice Cake, Tomato Ketchup, Purified Water, Sugar, Chilli Paste, High Fructose, Apple Puree Onion, Garlic, Rice Wine, Chilli Powder, Salt, Chilli Seed Oil, Lemon Concentrate Juice, Potassium Carbonate, Oleoresin Paprika, Flavour Enhancers, Black Pepper Powder, and Xanthan Gum.

Size (measurement): 120g

Price: RM6.99

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

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