Top 10 Instant Fried Rice in Malaysia

Normally, we enjoy fried rice in a restaurant or dining in a store. Since we are in a pandemic, we are not encouraged to dine outside now. Here we have instant fried rice now. Instant fried rice is suitable for all aged people, and usually it will be served with a fried egg. Now, you can order through shopping apps, and it will deliver to you address. It is easy to serve, just by adding water or reheating it in the microwave, you can have fried rice just like in a restaurant even if you don’t know how to make it on your own. Choose instant fried rice to have it as a normal meal or fast meal, it will save you a lot of time. 

1. Ma’s Rice Dried Shrimp Chili Fried Rice 

Mas Rice Dried Shrimp Chili Fried Rice
Image credit: Shopee

Ma’s Rice Dried Shrimp Chili Fried Rice is a halal-certified instant fried rice made in Malaysia. It’s an on-the-go meal to choose when you are in the middle of busy. It’s easy and convenient to enjoy by just simply adding hot water and it’s ready to serve in 8 minutes. 

Ingredients: Includes 70g convenient rice, 45g dried shrimp chili, and 1g dehydrated french bean. Contains soybean, fish, and crustacean.

Size (measurement): 116g

Price: RM7.13

2. SHARIFAH Nasi Goreng Ayam 

SHARIFAH Nasi Goreng Ayam
Image credit: kohijrahmall

SHARIFAH nasi goreng ayam is a halal certified ready meal suitable for everyone to enjoy, especially for those who are busy, rush, or not able to prepare a proper meal because of the situation such as for travellers, students, workers housewife. This ready meal could be their life savior. It has a 2 years shelf life as long as it is stored in a dry and cool place. 

Ingredients: Palm oil, chili, onion, garlic, salt, sugar, tamarind paste, chicken, rice, and carrot. 

Size (measurement): 250g

Price: RM9.20

3. EZEEFOOD Kampung Fried Rice 

EZEEFOOD Kampung Fried Rice
Image credit: Shopee

EZEEFOOD kampung fried rice has a certification of HALAL, HACCP, GMP, and MESTI that allows everyone to enjoy it. This fried rice is made with fresh ingredients, so it’s better to consume it as soon as possible since it’s made with 0% coloring, 0% MSG, and 0% preservative. Keep the fried rice in a cool and dry place for remaining the quality of the product. It’s easy to serve, all you need to do is just microwave it for 1 min. 

Ingredients: Basmati rice, Anchovies, carrot, and spices.

Size (measurement): 250g

Price: RM8.80

4. Spicy Kimchi Fried Rice With Chicken Meatballs

Spicy Kimchi Fried Rice With Chicken Meatballs
Image credit: Shopee

Spicy kimchi fried rice with chicken meatballs is an on-to-go meal imported from Korea. It’s a meal where the fragrant rice is fried with spices, kimchi, and served with delicious chicken meatballs. If you like kimchi,  you should try this. It’s a delicious ready-to-go meal that you will crave for more after trying the first time. 

Ingredients: Rice, Chicken Meatballs, Kimchi, Bean Paste, Vegetable Oil, Onion, Sugar, Leek, Chicken Essence Sauce, Garlic, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Chicken Extract Powder, Sesame, Mixed Vegetable Powder, Hot Pepper Extract, Black Pepper.

Size (measurement): 230g

Price: RM8.90

5. KEMBARA MEAL Kampung Fried Rice

KEMBARA MEAL Kampung Fried Rice
Image credit: Mybeli

KEMBARA MEAL kampung fried rice is ready to be cooked using 100% halal ingredients from natural sources and no preservatives. All you have to do is just tear the food pack heat for 1-2 minutes and it’s ready to eat. 

Ingredients: Basmati rice, minced meat, ginger, and lemo. 

Size (measurement): 250g

Price: RM14.90

6. CP Kampung Fried Rice 

CP Kampung Fried Rice
Image credit: Tesco

CP kampung fried rice is a halal and HACCP certified meal made in Malaysia. Simply pierce film about 3-4 holes, and heat it for around 3-4 minutes and it’s ready to enjoy. It contains gluten from wheat, egg, soybean, shrimp, celery, and milk, which you need to take note of if you have any allergens of those listed ingredients.

Ingredients: Rice, egg, chicken dims (contains sauce (color (E150c), permitted flavor enhancer (E621, E631), permitted preservative (E211)), bean curd sheet, mushroom, soy protein, celery), chili paste (shrimp paste, chili, onion), vegetables (carrot, long bean), palm oil, anchovies, seasoning (lactose) and sugar.

Size (measurement): 250g

Price: RM6.30

7. Signature Market Sizzling Chicken & Shiitake Mushroom Fried Rice

Signature Market Sizzling Chicken Shiitake Mushroom Fried Rice
Image credit: Shopee

Signature Market sizzling chicken and shiitake mushroom fried rice are here to banish those sudden cravings or boring meals from your menu! Each ready-to-eat meal packs a ton of aroma and flavour thanks to fragrant jasmine rice, tender chicken pieces, and juicy shiitake mushrooms with no preservatives or MSG, all veggies or meats are the fresh ingredients and authentic flavors. 

Ingredients: Fragrant Jasmine Rice, Minced Chicken Meat, Pasteurised Eggs, Shiitake Mushrooms, Corn Kernels, Palm Oil, Onions, Premixed Fried Rice Spice, Chicken Stock, Garlic Oil, Garlic, and Salt. 

Size (measurement): 180g

Price: RM17.50

8. BAMBOE Spicy Indonesian Fried Rice

BAMBOE Spicy Indonesian Fried Rice
Image credit: javanesetaste

BAMBOE spicy indonesian fried rice is a halal certified meal from Indonesia. This spicy fried rice is flavored fried rice that uses ingredients such as shallots, chili, garlic, vegetable oil, salt, tomato, and shrimp powder. If you enjoy eating spicy, this spicy fried food might be your favorite. You can add a fried egg or krupuk as a topping on fried rice.   

Ingredients: Shallots, chili, garlic, vegetable oil (palm oil), salt, tomato, and shrimp powder. 

Size (measurement): 40g 

Price: RM3.80

9. Haidilao Instant Rice Scallop Mushroom

Haidilao Instant Rice Scallop Mushroom
Image credit: Shopee

Haidilao instant rice scallop mushroom is a ready meal from China. It uses premium beef, white pepper beef, scallop mushrooms, oats, green peppers, Xinjiang sweet peppers as the ingredients of this fried rice. Simply add hot water into the cup or bowl after mixing with the prepared instant rice, scallop mushroom sauce (composite sauce) and dehydrated vegetables. Wait for around 8 minutes and it’s ready to serve.  

It’s better to store in a cool and dry place to preserve the quality of the food. 


(Instant rice): Rice, glyceryl monostearate.

(Scallop mushroom sauce (composite sauce): Soybean oil, mushrooms, onions, spicy sauce (brewed soy sauce, chili, rapeseed oil, water, sesame, spices, sodium glutamate, citric acid, potassium sorbate), scallop, peanut butter, pickled ginger (pickled pickles), pickled pepper, chicken powder seasoning, white sugar, strong-flavor liquor, monosodium glutamate, edible salt, disodium 5′-flavored nucleotide, sodium D- isoascorbate, Potassium sorbate.

(Dehydrated vegetables): Sweet corn, beans, pumpkin, edible salt.

Size (measurement): 137g

Price: RM5.50

10. Brahim’s Fried Rice Kampung Style 

Brahims Fried Rice Kampung Style
Image credit: Shopee

Brahim’s fried rice kampung style is a halal-certified on-the-go meal that is spiced with chilli, anchovies, and prawn paste. One pack is suggested to serve for 1-2 people. It’s a pack of instant fried rice that is made without any preservatives or coloring. Following the complete easy preparation steps, you can also enjoy a balanced and nutritious meal too at home or anywhere. 

Ingredients: Water, basmathi rice, palm olein, onion, anchovies stock, anchovies, bird chili, garlic, salt, red chili, and prawn paste. 

Size (measurement): 250g

Price: RM9.70

Instant fried rice is suitable for students, officers, who need to have a quick meal on busy days, or even travelers, backpackers. Since instant fried rice is an instant food that you can have as a meal and the preparation is easy and convenient. 

For preparations: Dip into boiling water or microwave it for 2-3 minutes and it’s ready to serve.

Note: This list was compiled by the team at My Weekend Plan after extensive research and shared opinions to suggest helpful recommendations for the public. More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered, if you have any other great suggestions too, please email us [email protected] The sequence of brands is in no particular order.

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