Top 5 Drinks To Cool Off The Heat And Enjoy At Home

Stay hydrated with these awesome cooling drinks! (the last one is easy to get!)

1. Coconut Water

A natural coolant that also contains essential nutrients for the body! (plus it gives you beach vibes hehe)

2. Barley Water

The cooling agents in barley water will help to reduce body heat. It also is a great way to detox! (you can even eat the barley)

3. Mango Lassi

A sweet drink to keep you refreshed and hydrated! (you can try other lassi flavors too like strawberry and even banana)

4. Mint Lamonade

Ahh~ This one makes you feel rejuvenated, and it’s healthy! (adding the mint elevates the lemonade)

5. Sky Juice

HAHA! But it is true though, nothing beats a fresh cup of water to cool off the heat.

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