Top 8 Best Warehouse Management Systems in Malaysia 2022

A warehouse management system is a type of software that enables companies to deliver and manage warehouse operations from the distribution centre to the shelf of the stores. A warehouse management system aids in supporting other important tasks such as manufacturing, service businesses, distribution and asset-intensive. 

Today’s economy calls for everything to be quick and organised as consumers want to be able to buy their products from any place and this is where a warehouse management system would be needed. Here are the 8 best warehouse management systems in Malaysia.

What are the different types of warehouse management systems?

The most typically used types of warehouse management systems are an ERP Module, Cloud-based, Supply Chain Mode and Standalone System. Each of these systems have unique features that serve different purposes so companies would need to consider the aspects of these warehouse management systems in order to choose the best system for the company.

How does a warehouse management system work?

A warehouse management system helps a company to manufacture resources and track products while delivering tangible products such as packing slip printers and computer software in order for companies to track products and shipments conveniently. 

8 Best Warehouse Management Systems in Malaysia

1. Shoko

Image credit: Shoko
Image credit: Shoko
Image credit: Shoko

Shoko is a cloud-based eCommerce warehouse management system that is created to maximise and control every tiny detail of managing your warehouse to ensure that all the processes are accurate and precise. Shoko is able to amplify the inventory management of your company by supporting order fulfilment, decreasing the order cycle time, maximising storage space and controlling the activities in the warehouse. 


2. VTrack

Image credit: VTrack

V Tech Sales & Marketing is able to keep up with the high orders and increasing growth of today’s modern industry. This warehouse management system aims to resolve logistics issues by supplying customers with logistics solutions that are effective and accurate, through innovative business models, integrated process management, market forefront, increased service quality levels and information technology. This warehouse management system helps to optimise the productivity of warehouse staff by integrating daily activities and improving competence in shipping orders, packing and picking.


3. Netsense Business Solutions

Netsense Business Solutions
Image credit: Netsense Business Solutions

Netsense Business Solutions offers modern warehouse management solutions that can aid companies in maintaining daily warehouse operations such as fulfilling orders, shipping, controlling inventory and many more. This warehouse management system can be merged with wireless networks, mobile computers  and voice picking applications for easy access. There are no hidden costs or interfaces to maintain with this warehouse management system.


4. GudangSys by eQuad Technologies

GudangSys by eQuad Technologies
Image credit: GudangSys by eQuad Technologies

GudangSys by eQuad Technologies has a team of consultants that are passionate and dedicated to work with companies in providing the very best operational applications and solutions that will be beneficial to your warehouse and your personal requirements. The GudangSys warehouse management system contains workflow automation and supply chain tools that is flexible enough to be integrated with e-commerce platforms and accounting systems such as Oracle, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics.



Image credit: SOFTENGINE

SOFTENGINE is a warehouse management system company that has been operating since 2008. They provide warehouse management solutions such as barcode solution, alert management and asset management for the betterment of your company. This warehouse management system is able to decrease the cost of operations, improve the quality of customer service and increase the productivity of employees. 


6. ramco

Image credit: ramco

ramco provides integrated warehouse management systems that are suitable for logistics service providers. This warehouse management system is able to increase automation and optimisation such as space utilisation, order streaming, dynamic slotting, waving and load planning and many more. The supporting features that help to support operation efficiency are transport management system, hub management and fleet management system. 


7. TheScanHub

Image credit: TheScanHub

TheScanHub not only provides warehouse management but also asset tracking so you will be able to track your inventory with ease with up-to-date data. This warehouse management system helps to enhance the efficiency of your company’s warehouse operations by streamlining multiple functions in your company. Some of the tasks that the warehouse management system is able to control are improving the visibility of shipments that are received, enhancing the picking process by improving error-proofing and productivity and increasing the accuracy and traceability of any goods that have been returned by customers.


8. Pay Recon

Pay Recon
Image credit: Pay Recon

Pay Recon is a warehouse management system that is cloud-based and created to maximise your company’s warehouse management and firmly control all aspects of your business with a high precision. This warehouse management system utilises storage space in your warehouse, fulfilling orders and shortening the cycle time of orders. 


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