Top 8 Best Honey You Can Buy In Malaysia 2022

Honey is one of the most versatile kitchen ingredients that find its use not just in cooking but in skincare, haircare, weight loss treatments, and other health conditions. Mainly, honey is also used in religious ceremonies. Pure honey tastes sweet, smooth, and has a warm undertone that leaves one feeling refreshed and healthy. 

No matter how you consume honey, it is always wholesome, delicious, and full of health benefits. However, this healthy food comes in so many variants that you can get confused. That is why we bring you the top 8 honey brands in Malaysia. Pick your preferred one and watch your health and well-being go to another level.

CED Pure Honey
Image credit: CED

CED Pure Honey is 100% pure honey from polyflora, without any added ingredients (sugar, additives, artificial colors, flavors, etc.).  It is minimally processed to retain its goodness. Perfect for everyday cooking and baking by adding a unique flavor to dishes.


  • Available in 380g, 500g and 1kg.

2. Capilano Pure Honey

Image Credit: Capilano

Capilano’s 100% pure Australian Honey has been a family favourite for generations. Made with Australian eucalypt and ground flora honeys, which are carefully crafted together to deliver the delicious taste and smooth texture our signature product is now famous for. Rich in character and flavour, our high-quality original honey is a beautiful golden colour of medium viscosity, making it a perfect all-rounder the whole family will enjoy.

All Capilano products are packed in PET that is BPA-free.

Available in

  • Upside Down Squeeze Sizes: 340g | 500g
  • Twist & Squeeze Sizes: 220g | 375g | 400g | 500g | 600g
  • Capilano Glass Jar Sizes: 250g | 500g
  • Capilano Jars Sizes: 250g | 500g | 750g
  • Capilano Pail Sizes: 1kg
  • Capilano Handypack Sizes: 2.5kg
Honey Land Organic Herbal Honey g
Image credit: honeyland

HONEY LAND® Herbal Honey is unique and collected from over 100 species of wild herbs as one of the most useful ones are thyme, oregano, yarrow, mint, dandelion, chamomile, lemon balm and many others.  It includes many useful substances from wild herbs. This natural honey is defined as powerful immune stimulator with multifaceted positive impact on the human body. Herbal honey is one of the most sought after in Bulgaria. This Honey is very beneficial for children and adult to prevent Flu , Cough and strengthen their immune system. Recommended to be taken daily every morning 1-2 teaspoon before Breakfast.


  • Product Weight: 500g
  • Country of Origin: Bulgaria Europe
  • Ingredients: 100% Natural Honey from wildflowers Herbs plant

Price: RM 64.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

4. Country Farm Organics Natural Rainforest Acacia Honey

Image Credit: Country Farm

Acacia honey is slow to crystallize. This means that it can remain in a liquid state for a long period of time due to its high concentration of fructose. It is also an excellent choice for cooking because of its mild flavor and because it mixes easily in liquids and batters. It has hints of vanilla flavor and no aftertaste.


  • Available in 1 kg

5. Cameron Highlands Ee Feng Gu Honey

Image Credit: Ee Feng Gu Honey

The natural and pure honey of EE FENG GU rich in glucose, amino acid, numerous minerals, Vitamin A, D and E, antibiotics, enzymes, fat and a small quantity of several elements, are considered the perfect nutritious food of nature. 

Pure honey improves metabolism and appetite, nourishes skin, upgrading immunity and prevents constipation, peptic ulcer and cough. Its medical value includes controlling cancer, hypertension and strengthening weak liver.


  • Available in 1kg, 200gm, 400gm, 60gm

6. LOHAS Premium Raw Honey

Image Credit: Lohas

It is 100% natural, raw and unblended. It contains all the natural goodness and nutrients to promote energy and general well-being. It is free of chemical residues as the bees are not fed with any antibiotic. The honey is packed under strict quality standards and is sealed for your protection. It’s a delicious sweetener in drinks and can be used as an alternative to sugar in baking.


  • Available in 1kg

7. Manuka Honey

Image Credit: Manuka

This rare and special New Zealand honey is made from the nectar of the native Manuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium), which clever bees collect and transform into Manuka honey, highly valued for its rare and complex properties. 

Manuka honey requires special care and expertise to optimise and protect its special natural properties. Methylglyoxal (MGO) has been demonstrated to be the naturally occurring compound that makes Manuka honey so special.

This requires expert handling and storage, and precise testing of the honey is essential to certify potency, quality and purity. Stringent regulations must be met at all stages of this process.tion: 


  • Available in 250g

8. BERRINGA 100% Pure Australian Raw Honey

BERRINGA Pure Australian Raw Honey x
Image Credit: Berringa

The pinnacle of natural honey, Berringa’s 100% Pure Australian Raw & Unfiltered Honey has been minimally processed. Unlike some other honeys, there is no added sugars to change the flavour or used heat or fructose to stave off crystallization. So you’re getting this special honey very much as nature intended and you can taste the difference.

Golden in colour with a delicately sweet taste and subtle floral aroma, Berringa Eucalyptus is perfect for everyday use and is delicious by itself, as an ingredient in cooking or as an additive to other foods and drinks.


  • Available in 500g, 1kg

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