Top 40 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas In Malaysia 2022

Mother’s Day is a celebration that appreciates our mothers’ devotion, kindness, and care, as they have worked extremely hard to care for our well-being since birth. They are essential to our existence on this lovely planet; thus, we should be grateful for them, especially during the special event of Mother’s Day. 

One way to show appreciation and gratitude is to send them a gift. You may have no idea what to choose given the wide range of gifts on the market; fret not, we have listed Malaysia’s 40 best Mother’s Day gift ideas.

How to choose the best Mother’s Day Gift?

You should consider these three aspects before buying the best Mother’s Day Gift: budget, preferences and reviews. 

  1. Budget 

Having a budget before purchasing a Mother’s Day gift is always a good idea to ensure you spend within your means. Always remember that it is not compulsory to send an expensive gift, as it is the meaning behind it that counts the most.

  1. Preferences 

You should figure out what your mum likes or needs before sending the gift to ensure that she enjoys the gift most. 

  1. Reviews

It would be best if you read the reviews well before buying the gift to ensure your mum won’t receive defective gifts and have an unpleasant experience. 

Hard-To-Go Wrong Gifts & Skincare

Home Appliances

Home Entertainment Equipments

Handmade Series & Adornments

Hard-To-Go Wrong Gifts:

1. Money

Image credit: Culture trip

Sending money to your mother as a present is a fantastic idea since she may use it to purchase whatever items she desires or needs; this may ensure the highest satisfaction of her. Furthermore, they have spent a lot of money to raise us; therefore, we should give them something in compensation for their efforts.

2 Gold

Image credit: Lazada

Gold is a gift that is never forgotten but instead creates a memory that lasts forever. You are investing in your mother’s future by giving gold as the value of gold rises year by year. As a result, gold is one of the most incredible Mother’s Day gifts, whether in the form of gold bars, coins, or jewellery.


1. Eye Cream

Eye Cream
Image credit: Elle

Did you notice that our mother is getting older? They have been putting a lot of effort into taking care of us; thus their tiredness and collagen loss have caused dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles as time passes.Send them an eye cream to address these issues! By using it, your mum will return to their youthful look and be full of joy!

2. Sheet masks

Sheet masks
Image credit: Yahoo

A sheet mask is also one of the best gift ideas for our beloved moms to keep their skin hydrated and revitalised. It often has a higher concentration of active substances than serums. The sheet will help the skin’s barrier to lock all that goodness in; hence the skin becomes saturated with all those nutrients and can absorb them more effectively. 

3. Serum

Image credit: Organic Authority

A serum is an excellent next step after cleansing; there are many various types of serums, each with its unique function and ingredients. For example, some serums aim to brighten or remove blemishes, while others focus on hydration or battling the symptoms of ageing. As a result, before purchasing the appropriate serum, you should be aware of your mother’s skin conditions.

4. Moisturiser

Image credit: Fresh

Moisturising on a daily basis can help to lessen the likelihood of developing excessive dryness or oiliness. As a result, a moisturiser is essential for keeping our skin moisturised. It should be used after the serum but before the sunscreen to prevent environmental damage on your mom’s skin.

5. Sleeping mask

Sleeping mask
Image credit: Zalora

It’s time to reward your mom with a sleeping mask to relax them at night! Sleeping masks are super-hydrating skin creams with rich ingredients to hydrate, freshen, soften, and smooth your skin. These masks seep into your skin all night, leaving you with incredibly smooth and refreshed skin when you wake up. Also, the pleasant smell of the mask can aid in increasing your sleep quality!

6. Facial cleanser

Facial cleanser
Image credit: Kiehl’s

The most crucial step in our skincare routine is cleansing; thus, a facial cleanser is essential in helping us to clean out the impurities and sebum. By having a clean face, the following skincare can be absorbed effectively and provide the maximum nutrients to our skin.

7. Body lotion

Body lotion
Image credit: Allure

Body lotion is also an essential item for our mothers to prevent their skin from drying out due to a lot of household chores and the frequent contact with water and cleaning liquids. Hence, reward them with a top-notch body lotion to moisturise their skin and leave it elastic all day long!

Home Appliances:

1. Dishwasher

Image credit: GE Appliances

A dishwasher is an excellent gift for your mother; it can help reduce your mom’s burden by removing tough stains effectively with its high-pressure water jets. All you have to do is fill it with your dirty dishes and cutlery only. In addition, a dishwasher may absolutely clean faster than hand-washing for house parties and family gatherings where more cutlery is used.

2. Refrigerator

Image credit: Shopee

A refrigerator may be a fantastic Mother’s Day gift since it is necessary for every household to have. It keeps the food cold, which can make the food last longer by slowing the action of microorganisms. With a refrigerator, your mother can store their food longer and reduce waste.

3. Oven

Image credit: Khind

An oven is an excellent gift if your mum is a baking maniac, as it can provide them with a lot of fun. An oven sets and maintains the proper heat flux, humidity, and temperature conditions to carry out the efficient baking process. By having a high-quality oven, they can try a lot of delectable food and even dessert to linger their taste buds. 

4. Coffee maker

Coffee maker
Image credit: Shopee

There’s nothing better than a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning to boost your energy. Hence, a coffee maker is one of the essential home appliances; it enables you to prepare great café-quality beverages right at home. Moreover, it will make your brewing process more accessible and save you precious time as it can be done automatically by pressing a specific button!

5. Rice cooker

Rice cooker
Image credit: Khind

Rice cooker is an incredible companion in your mum’s cooking process as it has the unique ability to automatically cook rice to perfection. It won’t undercook or overcook it; hence you don’t have to worry about the sticky rice.

6. Toaster

Image credit: Philips

Toasters can heat food uniformly without hardening the crust, leaving the bread crunchy and smelling nice. In addition, it can assist you in preparing a delicious breakfast without taking up much time because it will automatically bounce up after it has been done.

7. Blender

Image credit: Philips

A blender is an essential kitchen appliance for practically all households nowadays, especially those concerned about their health. It can be used to produce energy drinks for breakfast, smoothies, dressings, soups, sauces, cake fillings, and more. Hence, it is a good helper in making different drinks that delight your day!

8. Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker
Image credit: Philips

Your mother will be overjoyed if she receives a pressure cooker as a present because it can cook food quickly, thoroughly, and evenly, saving them valuable time. Furthermore, compared to open containers, it may allow foods to retain up to 90% of those water-soluble vitamins!

9. Cleaning Robot

Cleaning Robot
Image credit: ProductNation

Purchase a cleaning robot for your mom to reduce their household chores! For example, it can help to clean the floor more effectively by cleaning smaller spots like the corner that are generally off-limits to manual vacuums. 

10. Water heater

Water heater
Image credit: Midea

There is nothing better than a hot shower after a long day of work; the hot water can help to relax our body and mind pleasantly. Hence, it’s time to send your mum a water heater to appreciate their hard work for your future!

11. Microwave oven

Microwave oven
Image credit: Lazada

A microwave oven is a very vital kitchen appliance that offers a range of uses. It is more efficient at reheating food than other methods, such as cooking on a stove. Moreover, it retains essential nutrients and doesn’t make food soggy; hence you may enjoy nutritious yet tasty heated food by using it.

12. Ice cream maker

Ice cream maker
Image credit: Shopee

If your mum loves to try something new and fun, an ice cream maker sounds ideal! It is not only entertaining but allows them to make healthy desserts anytime. In addition, by making ice cream themselves, they can control the usage of sugars to make it healthier than the ice cream sold outside.

13. Air fryer

Air fryer
Image credit: Amway

If your mother enjoys a low-calorie diet, an air fryer is a wonderful gift!  She can prepare her favourite dishes without the extra calories and oil required by conventional cooking methods. It also allows people to make crispy, savoury, and tasty food with a single button.

14. Water purifier

Water purifier
Image credit: Shopee

Water is essential for human survival because it transports nutrients and oxygen to cells. It is vital to make sure our water is safe to drink; with that being said, a water purifier is critical in removing germs, chlorine, and cancer-causing radicals before drinking. Hence, you may send your mum this to protect her health and show your love!

Home Entertainment Equipments:

1. Television
Image credit: Philips

A television is essential for family bonding; a home cannot be considered a home without it. The most joyful time is undoubtedly enjoying interesting TV shows with family while chatting with each other as it can swiftly foster the relationship. Furthermore, if you are not around, the television can give your mum hours of entertainment! Hence, it is excellent to send her a television as a gift.

2. Bluetooth speaker
Bluetooth speaker
Image credit: Shopee

A Bluetooth speaker is a wonderful choice if your mum loves to listen to music. Any time and place you need music, you’ve got a simple and effective way to make it happen by having a portable Bluetooth speaker! It can easily bring full-range audio into any room in your home so that you may enjoy the music pleasantly.

3. Radio
Image credit: Shopee

Radio is one of the best types of entertainment for our mothers since radio broadcasts may provide them with real-time information; they also broadcast 24 hours a day to keep listeners up to date on the newest developments. Furthermore, by having it, people can listen to classical music at their leisure!

4. Karaoke set
Karaoke set
Image credit: Shopee

A Karaoke set is ideal for family gatherings and fostering relationships by giving hours of entertainment. The Karaoke set includes a fantastic sound system, a lightweight Bluetooth speaker, and a high-quality microphone to maximise your singing experience.

Handmade Series:

1. Bouquet
Image credit: Shopee

It is a lovely idea to surprise your beloved mother with a DIY bouquet; it can bring them great happiness as it shows all your effort and love in making it. Handcrafted flowers are not only a thoughtful gift that can brighten their day, but they can also be utilised to decorate their home.

2. Cake
Image credit: Wilton

It would be great to make a cake for your mum, if she is a sweet tooth! Making a cake is not easy as you need to prepare ingredients, mix, stir, bake and decorate it; hence it is a great way to show your dedicated love to them.

3. Crochet
Image credit: Sweet Softie

Are you looking for a unique approach to expressing your sincerest wish to your mum? Handmade crochet sounds good! They will greatly appreciate your devotion to creating the crochet, as we know it takes a lot of time and effort to finish it.

4. Photo album
Photo album
Image credit: Pinterest

You may also make a photo album for your mother by pasting all those precious moments inside. The photos can fix the happy moment; hence your mum can recall the sweet memories with you even as they grow older. It is definitely a precious gift to them; although it is not expensive, it is valuable. 

5. Card
Image credit: Youtube

Do you wish to send your mum a gift but do not have enough budget? Worry not; a handmade card sounds great too! A gift can’t be considered by the price but by heart. We are sure your mum will be heart-warming when they receive your card.

6. Dinner
Image credit: So Yummy

It’s time to reward your mum with a delicious dinner by cooking yourself! They have been cooking for us for many years to ensure our health and well-being; thus, we should take their role now. By cooking your mum’s favourite food, we are sure she will be delightful no matter how it tastes!

7. Scented candle
INSTA candle fragrance
Image credit: Life-n-Reflection

Scented candles may have a significant physiological impact on mood, stress, working ability, and general mental wellness as they can calm you down. You may learn to make a scented candle for your beloved mum to symbolise your wishes. It is also an economical way for you to send your presents!


1. Watch
Image credit: Shopee

We believe no woman will say no to the beautiful adornment; hence send your mum a watch to enhance their look and outfit! Aside from improving their look, a watch is essential to let you conceptualise the time you have left and thus making you more efficient in doing work.

2. Bracelet
Image credit: Shopee

A bracelet is most commonly associated with a symbol of love as it seals and secures your mother-child bond. Bracelets and other hand jewellery also make the hand appear more seductive and thin, making it one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas.

3. Dress
Image credit: Shopee

Sending your mum a pretty dress to make their day sounds ideal too! A dress is an essential item in your wardrobe; you will turn to it repeatedly following the occasion. Every woman desires an appealing look, so a dress is fantastic; it may boost their confidence and day.

4. Cosmetics
Image credit: Freepik

Sending your mum a set of cosmetics is a superb idea if they have a makeup routine. Cosmetics are a must for women; they can help to touch up your appearance and make it more attractive. Hence, you will be more confident on every occasion. 

5. Necklace
Image credit: Shopee

A necklace has been an important site of decoration for the body. Moreover, it is an ideal symbol of love and any sentiment someone would want to keep close to their heart. Thus, it’s time to send your mum a necklace to express your love!

6. Ring
Image credit: Shopee

Who says only newlyweds need the ring? You can also send the ring to your mum; it symbolises unlimited love till the end of your life, just as your love for your mum. In addition, you can engrave it with your name, her name, her birthday, or even the Mother’s Day date to make it more meaningful.

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