Top 15 Best Postpaid Plan in Malaysia 2023

Postpaid plans are still a popular choice because you don’t have to bother about monthly reloads and pass activation, even if prepaid plans currently provide excellent value. Similar to prepaid plans, numerous postpaid options are offered in Malaysia to suit the needs of various customers. Whenever we pick up our phones, we consume credits for mobile data, SMS, and calls. We’ve also all experienced not being able to send that important text or your phone call getting dropped all because you ran out of credits.

Well, that’s about to change once you subscribe to one of our best postpaid plans in Malaysia! In this article, you can explore different data plans that suit your monthly credit needs, number of device coverage, and allowance for your entertainment for leisure so let’s get on scrolling.The best “unlimited,” best high-speed data value, best low monthly commitment, best data roaming, and best family line options will be highlighted to assist you in choosing which postpaid plan to purchase. Here are the top 15 best postpaid plans in Malaysia 2023 for comparison of every unlimited postpaid mobile plan offered in Malaysia.

What does it mean by Postpaid?

A Postpaid Connection: What Is It? Users of postpaid connections obtain cellular carrier services and are subsequently required to pay the bill at the conclusion of the billing cycle. Users can choose from a range of postpaid plans that their operators offer, just like prepaid subscribers.

Is it worth it to get a postpaid plan?

If you want to buy a flagship smartphone on a payment plan, we advise opting postpaid. In particular, if you plan to move to a newer device when your contract expires, it will enable you to take advantage of the renewal incentives. The ease of not having to refresh frequently should be added.

Top 15 Best Postpaid Plan in Malaysia 2023

1. Digi Infinite 55 and 75

Image Credit: Winrayland

Digi Postpaid Infinite 55 and 75 is obtainable for a limited period. The Infinite 55 plan gives unlimited calls, 10GB of hotspot data, and internet with a speed constraint of 6Mbps. Infinite 75 gives the same benefits but with a higher speed cap of 12Mbps if you require quicker connections. SMS cost 10 sen per and are not included.


  • Unlimited free internet access
  • Unlimited calls 
  • 10GB hotspot
  • Gadget freedom rewards
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2. Celcom Mega 98 Unlimited

Image Credit: Blogspot

Celcom Mega 98 Unlimited provides unlimited bandwidth with a 10Mbps speed limiter for RM98/month. The plan also includes 10GB of monthly hotspot usage and unlimited calls to all networks. SMS costs 20 sen each message and are not included. Currently, they are providing an online-only rebate whereby if you sign up online, you can receive RM30 over 6 months and RM20 off on the fourth month.


  • Unlimited calls and video streaming
  • Unlimited music streaming
  • Free iQiyi for 6 months
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3. Maxis Postpaid 188

Image Credit: KLgadgetguy

Maxis Postpaid 188 is the best option among the Maxis Postpaid plans. Due to the availability of up to 4 extra lines at an additional RM 48 per month per line, it is the best plan for individuals with families of up to 5 people. Additionally, the fact that you may activate your roaming data for just RM3 per day is fantastic for people who travel frequently. By the way, if you purchase this plan online, you are eligible for an RM 50 monthly rebate for 4 months.


  • Free SMS and calls to all networks
  • 4 supplementary lines
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4. U Mobile GX68

Image Credit: Nasilemaktech

The U Mobile GX68 is the least expensive unlimited postpaid plan in Malaysia. But if the network coverage is inadequate, even the lowest postpaid plan might not be sufficient. You can share a free 10GB hotspot capacity with people in your vicinity. By texting SMS ON HOTSPOT to 28188 for RM 3 for three days, you can purchase their hotspot booster if you feel that that isn’t enough and want an additional 3GB.


  • Unlimited data
  • High speed internet
  • Up to 5Gh free hotspot
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5. Digi Postpaid 150

Image Credit: Soyacincau

Postpaid 150 plan offers unlimited calls, free 1000 SMS, and 90GB of internet are all included in the RM150/month. The package now includes 45GB of additional allowance and a RM15 monthly rebate for the first 12 months as part of its ongoing Juara Internet special sale. In other words, for RM135/month, you receive 135GB of high-speed data. This deal is quite reminiscent of the previous Digi Postpaid Infinite 150 that was released a few years ago.


  • Discount data plans for family members
  • Free supplementary lines
  • Free mobile broadband
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6. Unifi Mobile Postpaid Ultimate

Image Credit: mypt3

Telekom Malaysia’s Unifi Mobile Postpaid Ultimate Plan includes unlimited mobile data. It comes with 10GB of hotspot bandwidth and unlimited data, calls, and SMS for the initial monthly fee of RM99. The package is now available for RM79/month. If you sign up for a 12-month contract, you may get it for just RM59 each month. Additional hotspot costs RM8 for 500MB and RM15 for 1GB if you require more.


  • Unlimited data internet
  • Streaming HD videos and gaming
  • Free calls for 600minutes
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7. Yes Infinite Basic

Image Credit: Kts cellular

The only postpaid option available right now if you want to use 5G is Yes Infinite Postpaid. The Basic plan, which costs RM58 per month, includes 10GB of hotspot access in addition to unlimited 5G and 4G data with no charges. If you require a larger hotspot limit, you can upgrade to higher Infinite postpaid plans or use Shopee’s Yes 5G Databack to get additional data for free. 


  • Unlimited calls to all networks
  • Free 5G phone upon terms and condition applied
  • Uncapped data at fixed rate
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8. Hotlink Postpaid 60

Image Credit: Maxis

Hotlink offers a deal for RM60 per month, the Hotlink Postpaid 60 provides 30GB of data along with unlimited calls and SMS. Hotlink also provides reasonable postpaid plans which start at RM98 per month for 50GB of data.However, if you commit to a 12-month contract, you’ll receive an upgrade to 40GB for that time period.


  • Unlimited calls and SMS to all networks
  • High-speed internet 
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9. Digi Family Share

Image Credit: Digi

Utilize Digi Family Share Postpaid by adding on Digi Family supplemental plans, which start at RM20 per month. The basic Family 20 plan, which costs RM20 per month, includes 10GB of high-speed data and unlimited calls. The next choice is Family 30, which costs RM30 per month and includes 25GB of high-speed data and unlimited calls. The most expensive add-on is Family 45, which costs RM45 per month and includes unlimited calls, 50GB of high-speed data, and 300 free SMS.


  • Add on 4 supplementary lines
  • Unlimited high speed internet
  • Sharing hotspot
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10. RedOne Amazing 8 and 38

Image Credit: Redone

RedOne Amazing 8 and 38 plan is the most economical postpaid option which has a monthly cost of just RM8 to RM38. It includes unlimited free calls among RedOne postpaid members and 1GB of high-speed data. The following tier is RedOne Amazing 38, which costs RM38/month and offers unlimited calls to all networks, 20GB of high-speed data, and an additional 30GB of RedDaily. You will automatically be enabled for RedDaily data, which has a daily cap of 1GB and a 3 Mbps maximum speed.


  • Unlimited calls to all networks
  • Add-on family lines
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11. U Postpaid 68 and 98 Free Roaming

Image Credit: Lowyat

U Mobile’s postpaid lineup came up with newer alternatives with large high-speed data quotas that have replaced the former “unlimited” plans in. A stunning 1000GB of high-speed data is offered by the U Postpaid 98, which is more expensive than the U Postpaid 68. Both also have free 15GB of roaming data, unlimited calls, and incoming calls while traveling. Please be aware that hotspot usage is only allowed to be 5GB per month; if you require more, you must purchase additional hotspot boosters.


  • High speed data
  • Unlimited calls to all networks
  • Global roaming and calls (15GB)
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12. Tune Talk Buddies Pack

Image Credit: Soyacincau

Tune Talk Buddies Pack is offered especially for friends and family through this plan where only RM0.09 is charged per minute. After selecting your preferred add-on, you will be given their partner phones, which have monthly plans starting at RM90. By the way, you will receive the phone and the postpaid plan delivered to your home for free.


  • Free 4-8GB internet data
  • Unlimited calls to tunetalk network
  • Unlimited sms, social and music passes
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13. U Family Share

Image Credit: Knowledia

U Mobile U Postpaid 98 is where you can add additional postpaid lines for RM38/month each if you have. The plan shares a 1000GB high-speed data cap from the primary major line and offers unlimited calls to all networks. It will share from the same 5GB hotspot bucket as the primary line and, regrettably, does not have its own hotspot limit.


  • Unlimited calls to all networks
  • Unlimited data for video and music access
  • Unlimited data for Waze
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14. Xpax Postpaid 60

Image Credit: Amanz

The Postpaid 60 and 90 plan now includes 10GB of additional data for a full year thanks to the ongoing Juara Internet promotion. With a monthly cost of RM60, the Postpaid 60 plan offers 40GB of data and unlimited voice calls. The Postpaid 90 plan, which includes 60GB of data, unlimited calls, and complimentary 300 SMS, is currently available for RM75/month (with a RM15 refund applied over 12 months).


  • Unlimited Internet
  • Unlimited calls to all networks
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15. Celcom Mega 80

Image Credit: Shopee

Celcom Mega 80 is worth it for RM80 per month. when Xpax Postpaid 60’s 40GB of data isn’t enough. With the current promotion, the plan has been enhanced to include unlimited calls and a total of 50GB of data for the first 12 months. If you sign up online, Celcom is also giving a RM15 discount for the first six months.


  • Unlimited internet
  • Upsize lightning internet
  • Unlimited HD gaming and ultra HD video
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