Top 10 Best Rojak in Penang 2023

Rojak is a spicy fruit salad from Malaysia that has a unique combination of tastes and textures. It is soft, crunchy, salty, sweet, spicy, and sour. The rojak is always included in the selection of regional specialties at multicultural buffet events in Penang.  In other words, the rojak is a fruit salad that is typically topped with chopped or crushed peanuts and served with a thick, dark shrimp paste. 

Everyone in Penang enjoys eating. Penangites have this natural talent for memorising the greatest places to eat in the street. With that said, we believe the list we’re sharing with you today will give you a fair idea of where to eat in Penang. So here are the top 10 best rojak in Penang 2023 that offer the delectable regional rojak.

How do you eat Rojak?

Rojak is an easy snack that can be made in advance and stored in the fridge until required. It’s best to eat it within two to three days. To prepare, a slender wooden stick is poked into the fruits and then dipped into the sauce is how rojak is consumed. 

What are the food items included in Rojak?

Cucumber, squid, potatoes, beancurd, turnip, bean sprouts, and a variety of other vegetables are tossed in a sweet, sour, spicy, and nutty sauce to make the Malaysian cuisine Rojak Pasembur, also known as Rojak Mamak in the native Malay language.

10 Best Rojak in Penang 2023

1. Pasembur King (Hussain)

Image Credit: Tripadvisor
Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Hussain Pasembur King sells excellent and authentic pasembur with thick gravy for the garnish. It isn’t excessively sweet or spicy, which is why many people like it. They serve other delicacies including Mee Goreng, Kuey Teow Rebus, Sotong, Daging, Kelompong, Telur Ikan and Cucur, Mee Rebus, Ubi and Tahu.

Operating hours: 12.00pm to 12.00am (Monday – Sunday)

Address: Medan Renong, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Phone No: 019-4775786

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2. GANI Famous Pasembur

Image Credit: GANI Famous Pasembor
Image Credit: GANI Famous Pasembor

You can get good rojak at GANI Famous Pasembur for a fair price. The extremely crispy prawn fritters pair wonderfully with sweet gravy. If you’re intending to have supper here, It is  recommended for people to arrive early to avoid waiting in a long queue. 

Operating hours: 12.00pm to 12.00am (Monday – Sunday)

Address: 3,Medan Renong,Padang Kota Lama,Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah,, George Town, 10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang

Phone No: 017-2020460

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3. Lucky Eatery Food Court Centre

Image Credit: Kok Chee Hou blogspot
Image Credit: Lucky Eatery Food Court

Try this stand in the Lucky Eatery Food Court Center if you like rojak but want something different. Colourful prawn crackers, a component not found in other rojak places, are added to enhance your dish. Due to the cooling air, it is a wonderful place to eat and enjoy with your family and friends.

Operating hours: 8.00am to 12.00am (Monday – Sunday)

Address: 11900, Medan Bayan, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

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4. Hock Seng Rojak

Image Credit: Penang Foodie
Image Credit: Penang Foodie

Despite the fact that the stall’s name is prominently displayed on its bright yellow signboard as “Macallum Street Hock Seng Rojak,” keep in mind that it is actually located in Gat Lebuh Cecil. Its rojak is well-liked since it differs from the typical rojak that is offered elsewhere. The owner has spent years perfecting the secret recipe for the rich, golden prawn paste. Fruits and cucumbers are covered in the paste, which is then dusted using uncrushed peanuts, dried shrimp, and dried cuttlefish powder.

Operating hours:
4.00pm to 8.00pm (Wednesday – Sunday)
Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Address: Gat Lebuh Cecil, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Phone No: 016-4772472

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5. Kareem Pasembur Rojak

Image Credit: Ana Suhana
Image Credit: Penang Foodie

Having been in operation for 37 years, the family-run restaurant Kareem Pasembur Rojak offers traditional rojak dishes. They include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes for their committed patrons, and their gravy (kuah) is only vegetarian.

Operating hours:
11.00am to 6.00pm (Monday – Saturday)
Closed on Sunday

Address: 7, Lebuh Union, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Phone No: 011-26075822

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6. Pasembur Stall (Anjung Gurney)

Image Credit: Pasembur Stall no.9 Anjung Gurney
Image Credit: My selera

Given that Pasembur Stall is wheeled around Anjung Gurney, this rojak stand is difficult to overlook. Simply keep an eye out for the vibrant stall that is connected to it at different stalls throughout the island. If you ask for chilli to be added, you will receive a lot of other toppings including veggies, processed meats, and crispy youtiao covered in hot prawn paste.

Operating hours: 3.30pm to 1.00am (Monday – Sunday)

Address: No.9,Persiaran Gurney.T.P.S Gurney Drive(Baru),Menara Sunrise, Township, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Phone No: 016-4461171

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7. Rojak Orang Hitam Putih

Image Credit: Open Rice
Image Credit: Crisp of Life

At Bukit Mertajam, Rojak Orang Hitam Putih, which is located just across from Hung Cup Rice, appears to be a popular spot. All of the components are covered in a thick layer of sticky, slightly spicy shrimp paste, hiding their actual colours. To ensure that every mouthful of the rojak tastes of peanuts, the chef even lavishly sprinkles peanut powders over top of the ingredients.

Operating hours: 12.00pm to 6.00pm (Monday – Sunday)

Address: Jalan Pasar, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

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8. Penang Road Nyonya Cendol

Image Credit: Penang Food for Thought
Image Credit: Sariyusa blogspot

For its laksa and rojak, this eatery in the Lebuh Keng Kwee alley has enormous popularity among tourists. Additionally, it offers seating for customers who have purchased cendol from the well-known shop on the same road. Under one roof, it is a fantastic location to sample three well-known local hawker fare.

Operating hours:
10.00am to 5.30pm (Monday -Friday)
10.00am to 6.00pm (Saturday – Sunday)

Address: 27, Lebuh Keng Kwee, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang

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9. Rojak Ho Wei Jeng (101 Rojak)

Image Credit: Unaizah’s diary
Image Credit: Food Advisor

The Kompleks Makanan Medan Renong Padang Kota Lama (Penang Esplanade) Rojak Ho Wei Jeng (101 Rojak) stand is unquestionably a crowd-pleaser. Due to the steady stream of hungry customers, the staff is kept busy all evening serving platters of rojak. Their rojak features a distinctive shrimp paste and is topped with coarsely chopped peanuts and almonds that have been carefully pounded.

Operating hours:
6.00pm to 10.30pm (Tuesday – Saturday)
Closed on Sunday and Monday

Address: Medan Renong, 11, Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Phone No: 016-4461666

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10. G.P Soon Rojak

Image Credit: Foursquare
Image Credit: Foodadvisor

At stand 39 of the Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, you can have a rojak snack if your stomach is still growling after dinner. Among the few rojak stands open after midnight is this one. There is typically a line of people queuing to buy the rojak because it is one of the most well-liked rojak offered on the island. The cost of rojak is RM4, RM5, RM6, and RM7.

Operating hours:
6.00pm to 11.00pm (Monday – Sunday)
Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

Address: Kompleks Makanan Persiaran Gurney,, Gurney Dr, George Town

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