Top 10 Best Toaster Ovens in Malaysia 2022

Toaster ovens are designed with energy-efficient and time-saving features, as they can preheat any meal instantly. Even though the heating process may not be as fast as microwaves but is relatively faster than a regular oven. Toaster ovens also come in various sizes and colours, giving users choices to match their preferences and lifestyle. 

This kitchen appliance is ideal for most people, especially for individuals who are always on the go and wants to have a quick meal before hustling. Getting a toaster oven can benefit you in a variety of ways, so this may be a call for you to own one. The following are the top 10 toaster ovens you can find in Malaysia, complete with their specifications and links to the product to help narrow your options. 

What Are The Differences Between A Toaster Oven And An Oven?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of toaster ovens, it is only understandable to be confused about the differences between a toaster oven and an oven. The heat distribution is one of the many differences you can identify between these two kitchen appliances. Aside from that, you can find how an oven is designed with a larger capacity than a toaster oven. This makes the former a lot more suitable for prominent families, while the latter matches the lifestyle of someone who lives alone. 

How To Find The Best Toaster Oven In Malaysia?

You can find a lot of toaster ovens on the market, so how are you supposed to find the best toaster oven that suits your needs the most? Worry not because we are here to share tips you can consider while searching for this convenient kitchen appliance. Reading all of the specifications, comparing the prices and knowing the capacity needed are some of the things you can ponder in order to make the right purchase. 

10 Best Toaster Ovens in Malaysia 2022

1. Khind Mini Toaster Electric Oven OT2800

Image credit: Khind

Khind Mini Toaster Electric Oven OT2800 is one of the most popular toaster ovens in the market that you should consider. Despite its mini size, it is designed with a capacity of 28 litres, allowing you to get the most out of the device. This toaster oven also comes with a top and bottom heater selection to let you utilise and fulfil the baking needs of various dishes. It is available in three fancy colours, black, beige and pink, to let you choose based on your taste.


  • Capacity: 28L
  • Power: 1200 – 1400W
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Colours Available: Black, Beige, Pink


Large capacity
Energy saving feature
Top and bottom heater selection

Price: RM189.00 – RM199.00

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

2. Midea Toaster Oven MEO-10BDW(BK)

Image credit: SEC

Midea Toaster Oven MEO-10BDW(BK) is an affordable toaster oven ideal for people on a tight budget. It is available in two colours, black and white, to make it easier for you to match it with your kitchen’s aesthetic. Its skid-proof feature assists in stabilising the oven and increasing the heat dissipation space efficiently, permitting you to use it with peace of mind. 


  • Capacity: 10L 
  • Power: 1000W
  • Weight: 5.4kg
  • Colours Available: Black, White


Easy to clean
Anti-skid design
Baking pan included

Price: RM64.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

3. Russell Taylors Oven Toaster OT-23

Image credit: Russell Taylors

Russell Taylors Oven Toaster is appropriate for individuals who fancy minimalist kitchen appliances as it is designed with a sleek and timeless appearance. It has user-friendly controls that are convenient to read and understand, eliminating the need to keep referring to the manual upon each usage. The adjustable racks authorise you to move the food around accordingly to the recipe.


  • Capacity: 23L
  • Power: 1300W
  • Weight: N/A
  • Colours Available: Black


Comes with adjustable racks
Timeless design
User-friendly controls

Price: RM109.99 – RM229.99

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

4. MMX Kelen Munoz FL10 Finesse Lite Petite

Image credit: Lazada

MMX Kelen Munoz FL10 Finesse Lite Petite lets you control the temperature from 100 to 250 degrees Celcius to cater to your needs of baking or cooking various dishes of your choice. It is equipped with a timer for up to 60 minutes and a bell ring to indicate the meal you cook is ready to be taken from the oven. Upon purchase, you will get a wire rack, bake tray, tray handle, and a free recipe book.


  • Capacity: 12L
  • Power: 500W 
  • Weight: 7.6kg
  • Colours Available: Red


Has a bell ring
Sufficient capacity
A free recipe book is included

Price: RM78.88

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

5. DESSINI ITALY Toaster Oven DOV-22

Image credit: Lazada

DESSINI ITALY Toaster Oven DOV-22 has a capacity of 22 litres and a weight of 10.7kg, a perfect size for families with 2 or 3 people. It is built to use less energy which is beneficial in saving some money on your electricity bill. You are able to pick between toasting, baking and broiling, giving options to its users and letting them get the most out of the product. Enjoy your meal in an instant, as it will only take five minutes to preheat.


  • Capacity: 22L
  • Power: 1500W
  • Weight: 10.7kg
  • Colours Available: Light Green, Pink, Red, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Dark Purple


Several cooking options
Time-saving function
Uses less energy

Price: RM99.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

6. Hanabishi Oven Toaster HA611T

Image credit: Hanabishi Malaysia (Home Appliances)

Hanabishi Oven Toaster HA611T is a compact toaster oven that has a Muji-style door handle and knobs to complement your minimalist kitchen interior design. It is built with a tempered glass door to extend the lifetime of the product due to its durability. The size and capacity are what makes it fit for people who live alone. Thanks to its 2-year warranty, you are able to utilise the product without worrying about malfunctions. 


  • Capacity: 11L
  • Power: 800W
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Colours Available: White 


Durable materials
Has a 2-year warranty
Beautiful Muji-style design

Price: RM129.00

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

7. Panasonic Compact Toaster Oven NT-H900KSK

Image credit: Panasonic

Panasonic Compact Toaster Oven NT-H900KSK might be your next favourite breakfast partner as its upper and lower heaters quickly heat up your toast and save you time in the morning. The double-glazed glass door also is constructed with durable high-heat insulating glass to aid in reducing temperature fluctuation for more stable cooking. Even with its compactness, it actually has a spacious interior that allows you to cook a whole pizza at once.


  • Capacity: 9L
  • Power: 1000W – 918W
  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Colours Available: Black


Large interior
Fits narrow spaces easily
Double heaters to maximise cooking results

Price: RM209.00

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

8. ELBA Oven Toaster EOT-D0989(BK)

Image credit: ELBA

ELBA Oven Toaster EOT-D0989(BK) is a toaster oven that you can put your trust in as it comes from a well-known brand that has been selling home improvements for many years. You will get a food tray, and a tray handle to eliminate the need to purchase the items separately. Some of the worth mentioning functions are a timer with a bell ring, infrared heaters and temperature control from 100 to 250 degrees Celcius. All will benefit you in many ways.


  • Capacity: 9L
  • Power: 800W
  • Weight: 2.84kg
  • Colours Available: Black


Has various great functions
From a trustworthy brand
A tray handle and food tray are included

Price: RM95.20

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

9. Cornell Oven Toaster CTO-S10L

Image credit: Lazada

Cornell Oven Toaster CTO-S10L has a versatile feature that can help you toast, heat, bake, cook and grill any dishes. You can just pop your meals in the toaster oven and set a particular timer for a fulfilling meal that will be ready within minutes. Its 2 quartz heating elements can deliver the optimal cooking temperature at the ideal time to ensure a precise cooking process. It also has a simple black-coloured body that goes well with every decorating style.


  • Capacity: 10L
  • Power: 800W
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Colours Available: Black


Has a versatile feature
Cooks any food stress-free
Ensures the best cooking temperature

Price: RM87.12 – RM97.02

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

10. Sharp EO9MT-BK Oven Toaster

Image credit: SHARP Malaysia

Sharp EO9MT-BK Oven Toaster is ideal to be used for grilling, toasting and baking. Its compact size fits in narrow spaces, making it easy to keep despite the limited space in your kitchen. The transparent glass door enables you to monitor the process of your baked goods. A baking pan and wire rack are also included, so you can straight away use the toaster oven after receiving it. 


  • Capacity: 9L
  • Power: 1200W
  • Weight: 5.9kg
  • Colours Available: Black


Compact design
Ideal for multiple functions
Lets you monitor the whole process

Price: RM109.00

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

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