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So the other day, I visited my friend at her place. We wanted to cook together and so we started preparing all the ingredients together. Then it came to that dreaded time – peeling ginger. I was finding it hard to peel the ginger with the knife because of all those bumps and due to how a ginger is very irregular in shape. My friend’s housemate then came to the rescue. He told us to try using a spoon. He said he learnt it from his friend when they were so bored during the lockdown and started learning to cook.

Image Credit : finecooking

We tried it and to our surprise, it WORKED! Way better in fact! The skin of the ginger comes right off and we were able to minimize wasting it.

We used to hate peeling ginger! But now we don’t, thanks to this incredibly useful tip! It takes minimum effort and time! Just check out the picture below and you’ll start to understand the difference between using a peeler, knife and spoon when trying to peel the skin off the ginger.

Image Credit : thatcleanlife

Try it too and you’ll thank us later hehe.

If you have any other useful tips like these for making our lives easier hahaha or other cooking tips at all, do let us know! Happy Cooking!

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