Weird Food Combinations That Actually Taste Good

Sure, you know how good apple slices with cheese or chocolate and peanut butter are together. But plenty of people swear by less traditional odd food combinations.

Even with tried-and-true elements like salty foods complementing sweet foods, some of these food pairings are truly innovative. The key is to be open to new ideas. Here are some of the most bizarre—and popular—food combinations. Try ’em before you judge.

1. Ramen + Mayo

Ramen Mayo

Or in our case, Maggi Kari with mayo. A current Tik Tok food trend!

2. Cereal + Ice

Cereal Ice

For those who love cereal with cold milk, this will improve your experience.

3. Choc milk + Salt

Choc milk Salt

Sweet & salty. Apparently, the salt helps to sharpen the flavor!

4.Red Wine + Coca Cola

Red Wine Coca Cola

It’s a beverage that originated in Spain called Kalimotxo!

5.Salt + Watermelon

Salt Watermelon

Another salty & sweet combination. The salt just enhances the flavor!

6.Oreo + Peanut Butter

Oreo Peanut Butter

A whole simple and sweet combination. Instead of milk, maybe try putting PB on it.

7.Burger + Peanut Butter

Burger Peanut Butter

I guess don’t knock it till you try it. It’s been told the PB flavor will punch through and improve the meat flavor!

8.Latte + Sundae

Latte Sundae

This was a huge early 2021 trend. Just put sundae onto your latte and you just made your own Affogato!

9.Fries + Ice Cream

Fries Ice Cream

This isn’t too weird IMO but I bet not a lot of people have tried this out, another good combination!

10.Chocolate + Chips

Chocolate Chips

Salty & sweet. This flavor goes way back, I mean remember the hype around chocolate-flavored chips?

Brave enough to try? What’s your FAVORITE weird food combination?

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