When You Are Served Literally What You Requested

Some customers including ourselves like to have our food exactly the way we want it. So we make requests to the waiter or chef. There are times when it turns out how we expect it, and there are times it goes ‘beyond’ our expectation – and not always in a good way.

Get ready to check out these people who got served what they requested – LITERALLY.

1. Extra Pepperoni

If it were me, I actually wouldn’t even mind hahaha!

2. Chicken on Pizza

You got a whole chicken? I guess dinner is covered.

3. Extra Cheese

Cheese lovers, I don’t think you’re going to complain ey?

4. Espresso Shot Over Ice

I don’t even know how to react to this…

5. 1-inch Pizza

When you make a typo in your order.

6. Mushroom Pizza or Pizza Mushroom?

Okay this is wayyy too much mushroom even for me.

7. Two Cheese and One Pepperoni

This guy literally got Two Cheese and One Pepperoni when he asked for it. 

8. Cut it into 3 please?

This poor guy asked his sandwich to be cut into 3 pieces. Well of course that would mean 3 equal pieces right? Unfortunately, this is what he got.

9. Extra egg?

So this person went to Japan and ordered a bowl of ramen and requested an extra egg. They literally served him extra – eggS.

10. Side of Onions

This person asked for a bit of sliced onions and got a whole plate instead.

11. Extra Tomato

This gave a new meaning to ‘extra tomato’.

12. Breakfast Sandwich in a Bagel

The customer obviously wanted the bread buns to be replaced with bagels. But got this instead. I mean that’s some extra buns, not too bad, I think.

13. Extra Mayo

I don’t even think I should analyze this further LOL.

14. Extra Chickpeas

This person innocently asked for extra chickpeas in their rice bowl and got served as much of chickpeas as they were rice, or should i say more in fact.

15. Sour Cream on The Side

Another time when your order got literally interpreted. 

16. Cut It In Half

This person was expecting it to be two pieces with all layers intact, but oh well..

17. Extra Onion

This place took ‘extra onion’ to a whole new level.

18. Garlic Ramen

This person got literally GARLIC RAMEN. The Japanese have some good humour I guess hehe!

19. Ice-cream with a Cone

I wonder how this should be eaten?

20. When You Don’t Specify The Amount

The wife asked “how many tacos do you want?”. The husband replied with “idk, several”. He got 21.

21. Extra Pickles

When you order online.

22. Extra Steak

If my Steak And Cheese came like this, I’m not sure to be grateful or not.

23. Can I have a little bit more white sauce please?

This is not a little at all.

24. Extra Cilantro

This customer asked extra cilantro and onion on their sandwich.

25. Might as well call it a salad

Yep with that much extra lettuce.

26. Grilled Jalapeno On My Burger

Another case of taking things too literally haha!

27. Extra Sauce

In a box? Oh damn haha!

28. Reality is close to Expectation!

A 3-year old asked for a dinosaur cake that they drew themself, and this place delivered!

29. Give me extra sauce

They really did, a whole bag in fact!

30. Burger with All Toppings

This customer requested a burger with all the toppings the restaurant had, and got exactly that.

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