Where To Buy Covid-19 Test Kits in Malaysia 2022

Coronavirus disease or better known as COVID-19 is an infectious disease that is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This virus can spread through small liquid particles of an infected individual’s nose or mouth when they sneeze, breathe, speak or cough. Anyone at any age can contract Covid-19 and become extremely ill from it. 

The number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia has slowly decreased due to most of the population having had their vaccines and booster shots. However, we still need to be vary of our surroundings as the virus has not been completely eradicated. One of the best ways to keep yourself in check is by self testing at home using a Covid-19 test kit. Here are some locations where you can purchase a Covid test kit.

Which types of settings does COVID-19 spread more easily?

The three types of settings where Covid-19 would spread easily are confined and tight spaces with little to no ventilation, crowded places and close contact settings. These settings would make it easy for Covid-19 to spread as it involves being close to other people and not having enough room for air. 

Can COVID-19 spread through food?

Covid-19 is a respiratory illness that is contracted through direct person-to-person contact and contact with respiratory liquid droplets that a person emits when they cough or sneeze. Therefore, it is highly improbable that Covid-19 can spread through food packages or food. 

Where To Buy Covid-19 Test Kits in Malaysia

1. UD-Bio

UD Bio
Image credit: UD-Bio

UD-Bio TestNGo COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Saliva Test Kit is an antigen rapid test that is used to detect Covid-19. It works by detecting a specific antibody-antigen reaction and immunoassay technique that will quantify the Covid-19 antigen in a clinical specimen by delivering accurate and quick results. The test works within 15 minutes and is easy to use. UD-Bio also provides bulk purchases that can be done at a convenient way and at a better rate so you will get the most out of your purchase. UD-Bio’s test kit has a high sensitivity and good specificity with non-invasive sampling.



Image credit: The Sun daily

MYEG is an IT service and management company that operates, builds and owns the electronic channel in order to deliver services from a wide range of government agencies to Malaysian businesses and citizens. MYEG allows citizens to purchase Covid-19 test kits on their website and there are two kits that you can choose from, Mediven Prodetect and Sejoy SARS-CoV Antigen Rapid Test Cassette. 


3. AA Pharmacy

AA Pharmacy
Image credit: AA Pharmacy

AA Pharmacy first opened in 1999 at Taman Segar, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and since then, they have a total of 49 outlets located in the Klang Valley area, with 2 outlets located in Johor and another 2 outlets in Seremban, making them a reputable pharmacy. AA Pharmacy offers a range of Covid-19 self test kits that you can purchase in their physical stores or website. They have the Gmate COVID-19 Ag Saliva, AllTest COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test, Empro COVID-19 Antigen Nasal Saliva Self Test and much more. 


4. DoctorOnCall

Image credit: DoctorOnCall

DoctorOnCall is an online, medical video-consultation website that merges voice technology and advanced video, together with medical knowledge and the experience of the top doctors in Malaysia. This platform delivers cost-effective, convenient and quick access to the best doctors and other healthcare providers in Malaysia. Their website offers Covid-19 testing services along with test kits that range from Salixium to Newgene that you can easily purchase. 


5. Watsons

Image credit: Watsons

Watsons is a popular beauty and health care pharmacy that provides all the necessary items you would need to sustain your general well-being at an affordable price. Watsons has many outlets that are spread across Asia, which includes Malaysia. Watsons Malaysia has a website that you can browse through easily if you prefer to purchase your items online. They supply Covid-19 test kits that are effective and approved by KKM. 


6. Caring Pharmacy

Caring Pharmacy
Image credit: Caring Pharmacy

Caring Pharmacy aims to provide pharmacist services 7 days a week and conveniently accessed pharmacist counselling services in order to serve their customers properly and wholeheartedly. You can choose to purchase your Covid-19 test kit in any of their physical outlets with the help of their friendly pharmacists or you can purchase it on their website, where they provide extensive information on each of the Covid-19 test kits available. 


7. Guardian

Image credit: Guardian

Guardian is another pharmacy that is similar to Watsons, however they have their individual differences in terms of branding and products. Guardian offers Covid-19 test kits such as XABT Covid 19 Antigen Rapid Test, Diacegene Covid 19 Antigen Test Kit, Genrui Sars-Cov-2 Antigen Test Kit (Colloidal Gold) and WONDFO 2019-nCoV Antigen Self Test Kit. They have many outlets spread across Malaysia and a convenient website. 


8. Big Pharmacy

Big Pharmacy
Image credit: Big Pharmacy

Big Pharmacy provides a variety of products in their store which range from supplements to organic food to health and beauty supplies. Big Pharmacy makes it convenient for you to purchase your Covid-19 self test kit as they have a website that you can navigate easily in order to get more information on the test kits they supply. You can also choose to visit one of their many outlets if you prefer to talk to a pharmacist in person instead. 


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