You Won’t Believe How Creative These Desserts Are (We Liked No.11 The Best)

These cakes will make your jaw drop.

It was designed by an Italian pastry chef, Matteo Stucchi. He loves adding tiny figurines to create beautiful stories or scenes – ON CAKES!

1. Chocolate Hazard

2. On The Boat With You

3. Pistachio Farm

4. Lifting Treats

5. Delicious Cleanup

6. Dining Dungeon

7. Sweetest Hike

8. Hot Springs

9. Ice Construction

10. Cakewalk

11. Fruit Comet

12. Berry In Progress

13. Chocolate Mud

14. Landed Tastefully

15. Caution: Extremely Additive

16. Chocolate Bricks

17. Splatter!

18. Smooth Surfer

19. Fruit Fair

20. Cotton Air Balloon

21. Fancy some snooker?

22. Autumn is sweet

23. Pie Ship

If you would like to see more, you can check out Stucchi’s instagram.

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We Liked No.11 The Best! You Won’t Believe How Creative These Desserts Are!
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