You Won’t Believe This Was Possible With Swissrolls

If you don’t already know the famous self-taught home baker Keem, you better sit down now and read this.

She makes absolutely amazing swissroll designs. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ONES! (see my emphasis, because it really is)

Some of you might not know that she previously had another Instagram account, however she got hacked and all her posts were deleted. She then made another account and the community who so loved her art of baking immediately followed her back!



So let’s check out some of her beautiful work!

Remember when the Bernie Sanders meme was viral? HAHAHA. She got inspired and made this!

This has ‘mahjong tiles’ on it! Edible of course hehe!

In celebration of the famous American Boy Band, Why Don’t We’s latest album, she made this portrait swissroll designs!

She also makes other types of cakes, not just swissrolls! And this has ED SHEERAN!

Animal crossing inspired!

This was Valentine’s Day inspired. How lovely?!

This was to mark the final day of the Lunar New Year!

Pikachu cake! DAWWHH.

Omg this is just too cute! A unique and very aesthetic cake that could be for a little one’s birthday!

Deepavali themed swiss roll that has a superb lilac color!

Omg how adorable is this? Christmas cake made to look like a Christmas tree.

Any Genshin Impact Gamer fans here?

AWHH, it’s like a pumpkin! But cuter!!!

This looks so minimalist and pretty.

As a Studio Ghibli fan, I approve of this Totoro cake!

This was during Malaysia’s Independence Day! What a ‘delicious’ way to celebrate!

Vintage vibes here.

This looks like a painting!

Sakura Tokyo Banana inspired cake. I wish this appeared in front of me right now.

And these are some of her other beautiful desserts!

Buttercream frosted flower cakes! Minimalists would approve!

Adorable Easter Chicks Cakes! I really wish I could try thisss.

Little animal butter cakes. I bet your little kids would love this.


Ice box cookies that are absolutely cute!

Strawberry loaf bread. I would love the texture on this one.

CAKE + JELLY = Chocolate Pudding Jelly Cake.

You can check out more of her creations on Instagram

All credits go to the respective owners.

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