Top 10 Best Ways to Decorate Your Plain Brownies 2022!

You’re currently opting for a different style of cake for birthdays and you’ve chosen brownies! It’s perfect! Everyone would definitely love brownies. I mean who doesn’t love the chocolatey goodness that melts in your mouth as soon as you bite into it, right? But for cakes, they’re easy to decorate. For brownies though, how do we do that? Fret not! Here are several simple ways for you to decorate your delicious brownies for birthdays, events, whenever!

1. Nuts!

Nuts Brownies
Image credit: Fine Cooking

You can never go wrong with nuts! So, go nuts with nuts! They’re easily one of the best toppings to crunch on. It provides an extra taste and texture to your brownies, and it depends on what kind of nuts you prefer of course. Walnuts, peanuts, pecans, almonds and all that jazz. They’re good for brownies! 

2. Sweet, sweet fruits

Sweet sweet fruits Brownies
Image credit: Steemit

Another thing you can never go wrong with is fruits! Besides the brownies, people would definitely scramble for the sweet, delicious fruits on top. Some fruits that I might suggest are strawberries, berries or basically any kinds that you like!

3. Frosting

Frosting Brownies
Image credit: Tara Teaspoon

Frosting for cake? Nah, try frosting for brownies. Just like cake, you can have many kinds of frosting on top. This definitely adds flavour with your chocolate brownies. 

Frosting is simple to make and decorate your brownies with. Flavours you can try out are chocolate (double the chocolate!), buttermilk, vanilla or so many choices you can explore that suits your taste! Add some more flavour with fruits too!

4. Caramel syrup

Caramel syrup Brownies
Image credit: Delish

Caramel syrup is also another that’s super easy to make and add flavour to your brownies. Just drizzle it on top and all over, now you have double the sweetness! Or if you’re into something salty, try it out with salted caramel! Check out this recipe on how to make salted caramel sauce at home! 

5. Oreos

Oreos Brownies
Image credit: thefirstyearblog

You can also never go wrong with Oreos! Oreos is everyone’s favorite snack and also the best topping to add into something like brownies. I’m already drooling at the thought of Oreo Brownies. Oreos can add some flavour and texture to your brownies, Oreos are chocolate as well so I think double the chocolate, the better the brownies. Basically, loaded chocolate.

6. Pretzel 

Pretzel Brownies
Image credit: thefeedfeed

If your first thought is the pretzels we’d usually buy at the mall, well… close. I’m talking more about the pretzels you can buy as snacks at grocery stores! Other than salted caramel, you can try with salted pretzels as the topping. Salty and crunchy, everyone will love it.

7. Cookie dough brownies

Cookie dough brownies
Image credit: goodthingsbaking

Add a little twist to your brownies with some cookie dough. Cookie dough and Oreos may offer the same flavour such as the chocolate but there’s nothing wrong with adding something extra and special to your brownies. If someone ever came to a party and they brought these along with them, I’d definitely be the first to try them out! Who doesn’t love cookie dough?

8. Brownie S’mores

Brownie Smores
Image credit: Delish

Who says you can only have s’mores during campfires? S’mores are perfect to decorate your brownies with! The crackers, melted chocolate and marshmallow add a different texture and taste to your fudgy chocolate brownies. This combination will blow your mind and satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings! 

9. Powdered Sugar

Powdered Sugar Brownie
Image credit: laurainthekitchen

Powdered sugar on top is the most simple touch you can top off your brownies. Makes it sweeter and honestly, beautiful to look at. It’s a delicate finishing touch to your tasty, tough-looking brownies. 

10. Brownie Ice Cream Bowls

Brownie Ice Cream Bowls
Image credit: Tastemade UK

Last but not least, maybe you don’t want to do something basic with your brownies. Perhaps, you want to make a simple one just for yourself. Then, this brownie bowl is perfect for you! Add a scoop of your favorite ice cream into it and the combination of the cold ice cream and delicious, warm brownie is exactly what you need at the end of the day.

List inspired from Buzzfeed!

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