Top 10 Best Margarine Brands Available in Malaysia 2022

Having been in existence for centuries, the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of margarine is bread. Margarine actually does make bread tastier and healthier but mum’s all over the world also use it in their daily recipes to add flavour and seasoning to their meals.

Margarine Usage

Loved for its ease of spreading and scooping, margarine has long been a choice ingredient for bakers as its soft texture makes it light work to whip up into buttercream frosting or to cream into sugar for a sponge cake. Can be used instead of butter but results aren’t as good. Work best in recipes that liquid sugar along with baking agents, solid fat emulsifying ingredients such as eggs or egg substitutes.

How to Store Margarine? 

Keep them in the fridge in 40℉ (4℃) or below on the upper or middle shelf. Margarine lasts 3-4 months unopened, should be stored in the fridge, and consumed within 2 months of opening. Margarine can be frozen: up to 6-9 months for butter and 6-8 months for margarine.

1. Planta

Image credit: Lazada

Planta has been in Malaysia for generations. You can use this multi-purpose Planta Margarine for cooking, baking and spreading. It’s not only delicious, but also nutritious with Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E, Niacin and Folic Acid. You’ll love the iconic aroma and taste of Planta Margarine.

  • Multi-purpose use
  • Nutritious in Vitamins, Niacin and Folic Acid

2. Pelangi 

Image credit: Lazada

Food becomes much more versatile with Seri Pelangi Margarine! Made from quality palm oil, you can use the margarine for baking, cooking and of course, spreading it on bread. Pelangi margarine helps improve mouthfeel and flavour in baked goods too!
And the strong aroma will ensure every bite will tingle your taste-buds, whatever the dish you make!

3. Adela 

Image credit: Delima Oil Products

Adela Margarine is made from the finest palm oils and is enriched with 9 vitamins and contains zero cholesterol. The French buttery taste in this multi-purpose margarine is your perfect choice for baking favourite delicious cakes, pastry and biscuits. It helps to achieve a rich buttery taste and also ensures it tastes just as savoury when spread on a bread! It is also suitable for vegetarians. The texture of Adela is very soft and thin and easily melted at room temperature so keep in mind to store it in a cool place.

Available in: 240g, 480g, 1kg & 2.5kg

4. Daisy 

Image credit: Lazada

Daisy Margarine with BakePlus, made from pure vegetable oils, is excellent for baking, giving a more buttery taste to the end product. BakePlus helps to increase cake and creaming volume. Besides, Daisy Margarine is versatile for other different applications such as cooking, pan-frying, barbeque and roasting. Daisy Margarine is cholesterol free and enriched with 9 vitamins such as  vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, D dan E.; hence, it is ideal to use as bread spread for healthy growing children and families.

Available in: 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg and 4.8kg.

5. Nuttelex 

Image credit: Lazada

Nuttelex Original is the trail-blazer that set the modern standard for a healthier way for us all to enjoy our daily bread. It was Australia’s first cholesterol free, 100% plant based spread to be sold nationally in supermarkets. Today it remains a leader in its category and a true family favourite in Australia. The perfect all-rounder this nutritious spread delivers 65% less saturated fat and 55% less salt than butter, and is the ideal choice when catering for school tuck-shops, special events and hospitals. It contains sunflower lecithin which is very different from other products that use soy lecithin that makes this product special. It is suitable for vegans.

  • Made in Australia
  • No Dairy, suitable for vegans
  • No Nuts or Soy
  • No Gluten
  • No Preservatives
  • Natural Flavours & Colours
  • Cholesterol free oils
  • Salt Reduced

6. Puteri 

Image credit: Lazada

Puteri Margarine is made from quality palm oil and it is the perfect choice for your cakes, breads, cookies, muffins, creams and many more. Not only it is cholesterol free it has also a tinge of vanilla flavour in it which makes it even better for your baking goods.

7. President Ambassador Dairy Spread

Image credit: Lazada

Président Ambassador Salted Dairy Spread is a multi-use spread that’s perfect for all culinary preparation. With 80% of fat content, the spread is suitable for baking your favorite cakes or frying meats to enhance the taste. President Dairy Spread is non dairy and lactose free. It is also very stable in high temperature and suitable for high speed mixing during baking. It is ideal for baking and is a high quality cultured creams.

8. Naturel 

Image credit: Lazada

Naturel Soft Margarine is a healthy and cholesterol-free soft margarine to meet today’s healthy eating lifestyle. It contains no cholesterol and is rich with omega 3 and 6. Best used as a spread for cooking or baking.
Naturel range of margarine and spreads consists of :

  • Naturel Canola Spread with DHA
  • Naturel Soft Margarine
  • Naturel Reduced Fat Spread, contains 32% less fat
  • Naturel Reduced Salt Margarine, contains 44% less salt
  • Naturel Olive Spread, formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and has 33% less fat

9. MeadowLea

Image credit: Lazada

MeadowLea® has been loved by Aussie’s for over 80 years! It’s made from the goodness of natural plant seeds (canola oil) and grown in the fields that first inspired the brand’s name. MeadowLea spreads have at least 70% less saturated fat than butter, are a source of Omega 3 from Aussie grown plant seeds and have no artificial colours or flavours. Meadowlea is 100% Australian made and contains vitamin A & D. It is also available in Original, Reduced Salt and Canola range with selections of sizes.
You can use it as a regular spread on bread, shallow frying, baking and even sauteing.

10. Mother’s Choice Spread

Image credit: Jaya grocer

Mother’s Choice spread is 100% Australian made with vegetable oil blend, enriched with vitamins, cholesterol free and halal certified. It is a high quality margarine with a smooth and fine texture that is greatly used as a spread, ingredient, in shallow frying or baking. MOTHER’S CHOICE (Butter Margarine) is the best  multipurpose shelf stable margarine, soft and easily spread with excellent  plasticity. Developed for the best spreadability and for high quality production. Suggested Application Bread Spread – Sandwiches. Top quality cakes, thousand layer cakes. Cookies. Sweet bread and donut dough. Sweet Martabak. It can be substituted with cooking oil and get more savoury cuisine.

Available in: 250g,500g, 2kg, 2.5kg.

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