Top 7 Best Malaysia Local Brand Rice 2023

Imported white rice possesses similar characteristics with Malaysian local white rice. The most popular imported white in Malaysian market is Thai White Rice and Vietnamese White Rice. The grains are of medium-size with an average length of more than 6.40 mm – 7.00 mm and length/width ratio of 3.0 mm. However, the Vietnamese white rice is slightly shorter and wider compared to its Thai counterpart. This rice is ideal for any type of white rice preparations like steamed white rice, Nasi Lemak and Ketupat to name a few. This article discusses the top 7 local rice varieties.

1. Jasmine Super Special Tempatan Rice

Image Credit: Tesco

Jasmine Super Special Tempatan Rice is rice with the husk removed then polished. The texture is medium hard grain. It has a pleasant scent and an unbeatable aroma after cooking. It is suitable for restaurants, home cooking, nasi lemak and fried rice.

Features: Jasmine – money-back guarantee, Freshly packed in the rice mill, Awarded Superbrands Asia Top Performer, The BrandLaureate – The SMEs Best Brands Asia Pacific, The Grammy Awards for Branding 2007-2018, Superbrands Malaysia’s Choice 2002-2016, Trusted Brand Platinum Malaysia 2004-2018, Halal – Malaysia

Pack Sizes: 5kg, 10kg & 20kg

2. Cap Rambutan Super Special Tempatan Rice

Image Credit: Tesco

The objective of Rambutan since 1983 is to turn to dishes with Hijau Beras tempatan. Rambutan Hijau Beras Tempatan also saw unprecedented consistency on rice quality control throughout the growing years; and propelled Cap Rambutan from local favorites to imported rice selection.
Cap Rambutan Hijau (white rice) is guaranteed to be pure and high quality which is machine packed for hygienic purposes and is suitable for many dishes such as fried rice and nasi lemak. It is known as one of Malaysia’s favourite brands of rice.

Pack sizes: 5kg, 10kg

3. Cap Ketupat Super Special Tempatan 5% Rice

Image Credit: Tesco

A wise choice since 1983, Beras Cap Rambutan offers you a quality white rice harvested from local paddy fields. Cap Ketupat (Rice) is a brand of Dessert Product which consists of Assorted Rice Types. Cap Ketupat (Rice) is a Non-Muslim Brand operated by Kedah-based OEL Distribution (Kedah) Sdn Bhd. OEL Distribution (Kedah) Sdn Bhd is owned by non-Muslims.

Pack sizes: 5kg, 10kg

4. Sri Chengkih Local Super Special Rice

Image Credit: Lazada

Sri Chengkih Super Special Local Rice is rice from Malaysian farmers. This rice is very soft textured, less starchy, good for health, long, white, durable and not easily stale. Ideal for all types of cuisine.

Pack sizes: 5kg, 10kg

5. Faiza Gold Super Special Local Rice 5%

Image Credit: Tesco

Faiza Beras Emas (White Rice) 5kg Faiza Beras Emas (white rice) is guaranteed pure and high quality. It is machine packed for hygienic purposes. It is suitable for many dishes such as fried rice and nasi lemak. It is one of Malaysia’s favorite brands of rice. 

  • Pure and high quality 
  • Machine packed 
  • Malaysians favorite brand of rice

Pack sizes: 5kg, 10g

6. Local Super Special Nagasari Rice

Image Credit: Nagasari

Local Super Special Nagasari Rice is produced from the best local seeds. The original taste reminds you of a dish you used to enjoy since childhood, and is suitable for any dish.

Pack Sizes: 5kg, 10kg

7. Jati Padi Super Special Tempatan

Image Credit: Tesco

The objective of Jati since 1993 is to turn to dishes with Beras Padi. Jati Beras Padi is packed in plastic rice full colour printing and with weight 5Kg. Jati Beras Padi also known has become one of the nation’s leading rice millers and wholesalers focusing on rice business. The business covers an extensive scale of activities ranging from milling, processing, packaging to distribution of various rice and rice products under flagship brand JATI. 

Nutrition facts of Beras Jati:

  • Rice is a great source of complex carbohydrates, which is an important source of the fuel our bodies need.
  • No gluten : Rice is gluten free and the most non-allergenic of all grains
  • It is a fair source of protein containing all eight amino acids.

Pack sizes: 5kg, 10kg

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