12 Useful Tips And Tricks To Make The Best Cheesecake!

Biting into a slice of cheesecake is just ahhh… like tasting paradise!

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But when it doesn’t turn out right, it is just depressing. We understand it can be a daunting task to bake your own cheesecake, AND THAT’S WHY WE’RE HERE TO HELP!

You will find some useful tips and tricks in this article that’s really going to help you make an awesome and non-depressing cheesecake hahahaha!


1. Opt for full-fat cream cheese

Opt for full fat cream cheese
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This is the secret to a better tasting cheesecake. Don’t go for those low-fat varieties. If you really want to get luxuriously moist, rich flavor and great texture in every bite of your cheesecake, full-fat should be the way to go.

2. When the recipe says, “room temperature cream cheese” – make sure it is room temperature cream cheese

room temperature cream cheese
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Most people tend to ignore this but it is actually so important. Do not use cream cheese immediately out of the fridge. The cold cream cheese will make your cheesecake lumpy. So be patient and wait for it to reach room temperature.

3. Even if the recipe didn’t mention “room temperature” – try to make sure it is

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The same concept applies to cream cheese. Cold ingredients tend to clump up and will make your cheesecake have sticky lumps – something you definitely will not want. You want it to be moist and have even texture. So your ingredients like the sour cream or butter, make sure to let them sit out a while to reach room temperature too.

4. Flour is going to be the unsung hero

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WAIT WHAT? FLOUR? I know this is what you may be thinking. But yes, a small amount of flour or cornstarch added to your cheesecake batter will make it firmer and creamier. In case you didn’t know, the starch is what helps hold everything together, so you don’t have to worry about your cheesecake having cracks after baking.

5. Go easy on your batter

Go easy on your batter
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But what if your cheesecake still has cracks? Well maybe you overbeat the batter during the mixing stage. This is because you would have incorporated too much air when you beat too vigorously. So next time, don’t overdo the mixing. If you’re stressed, release it elsewhere, not during the mixing stage hahaha. Perhaps punching the dough out when making bread?[link to 6 Easy Bread Recipes To Make At Home]

6. A hand mixer is your best friend

A hand mixer is your best friend
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Instead of mixing it with your hand and using up lots of energy and time, just pick up a hand mixer to do the job for you. It will ensure that your cheesecake batter is as smooth and consistent.

7. Check for consistency

Check for consistency
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If you still prefer using your hand to mix manually, you would want to check the consistency of the batter. Just make sure the ingredients are all combined well and there are no clumps.

8. Use pans that have removable sides

Use pans that have removable sides
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So there are many baking pans for you to choose to make your cheesecake, but to answer the question of which is best, it is the – springform pan that has the removable sides. It will allow you to remove the cheesecake easily without any hassle. You also don’t have to flip your cake or anything. So you won’t need to worry about it falling apart, it will stay intact.

9. Please grease your pan

Please grease your pan
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Even if your pan is non-stick, trust me you want to do this. You can smear some melted butter or use a cooking spray to do this. It will also ensure everything stays in place and is easy to be transferred. So do this before you add the cheesecake crust. 

10. Use the bain-marie technique on your cheesecake

Use the bain marie technique on your cheesecake
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This means giving your cheesecake a water bath. It helps ensure your cheesecake is cooked evenly and prevent cracks by adding moisture in the oven. So what you gotta do is, place your springform pan inside a larger pan that is filled with hot water. Do bear in mind that leaking may occur, so to prevent this, you need to wrap your springform pan with aluminium foil.

11. Check the duration of baking

Check the duration of baking
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Do not over bake your cheesecake. Always keep an eye on the oven when following a recipe, especially a new one, because different ovens may work differently, and the temperature may vary. How to ensure it is perfectly baked? Check if the top and edges are all set and the middle jiggles slightly hehe. If it does that, then it is the right time to stop baking and remove it from the oven.

12. Be patient and let it cool

Be patient and let it cool
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Whenever you have baked anything, it is usually the rule of thumb to let it rest or cool. This also prevents cracking and makes it easier to cut. If you are pouring any glaze over your cake or piping buttercream or whipped cream on top of it, it also makes the process easier.

Are you hungry for some cheesecake? Well if you are like me hahaha, you can check out some of these awesome recipes.

Have fun making them!

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