3 MILLION SUBS on Youtube! Uncle Roger Finally Reveals SECRET To Egg Fried Rice Recipe

If you don’t already know Uncle Roger, he is a famous comedian on Youtube that got famous after reacting to a cooking show on how to make egg fried rice. He was appalled by how it was cooked and gave funny comments and reactions that we can all relate to hahaha!

So now he reveals how Asians actually like their egg fried rice and demonstrates his own way of doing it for a Michelin Star Chef. He actually gives really good tips on making the best Asian style egg fried rice.

1. Smash your garlic then chop

This makes it easier to chop it later and your garlic doesn’t ‘run away’ haha!

2. Use shallots instead of onion

It has more flavor compared to onions. 

3. Use 1 full egg and 1 egg yolk

He learnt this technique from another cool Asian Chef, Sherson Lian. (oh and whisk it with chopsticks hahaha)

4. Use a large knife

It will be easier to scoop up the chopped ingredients. 

5. Use leftover rice 

Using leftover rice will be better because the rice will be nicely separated since it has been chilled in the fridge. It will not be too moist or get mushy when cooking which will ruin the fried rice.

6. Use leftover chicken rice for added ‘oomph’

Leftover chicken rice is cooked with chicken stock, ginger and garlic. It has tons of flavor, this will give your fried rice tons of flavor too! This is actually his BIG SECRET to awesome tasting fried rice!

7. Most 3 important flavoring

Soy sauce, Asian sesame oil and MSG (also known as the king of flavor hehe)

8. Use a gas stove for the wok hay

Wok hay is a Cantonese phrase to describe the essence or aroma created when using a gas stove to cook. ‘Hay’ means energy or breath, thus ‘wok hay’ means the energy or breath or of the wok.

9. Don’t use metal spoons with non-stick kitchenware

The reason is because it will scratch the surface of the non-stick kitchenware, ruining it and making it lose its effectiveness. 

Now you can try this at home!

Watch his video where he shows you how to make this step-by-step here:

You will also see how the Michelic Star Chef does it too.

All image rights and credits go to the respective owner.

If you have any other great fried rice recipes or any other delicious recipes, do share them with us! We would love to see and hear them! 

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