5 Best Bingsu and Shaved-Ice Around Klang Valley

If you’re up for shaved ice like our classic ABC and Cendol, then you’re gonna love these places around Klang Valley that serve various, interesting flavors that will definitely quench your throat and cure you on a hot day. Bingsoo (빙수) is a popular Korean dessert that’s topped with fresh fruity toppings and condensed milk. It’s also similar to the Japanese shaved ice dessert called Kakigōri. They’re sweet and refreshing, perfect for our hot Malaysian weather!

1. Mykori

Image credit: Mykori

MyKori is a commonly known cafe that serves the best-shaved ice desserts with fresh fruits and even ice cream. So many insane flavors to try from like Mount Fuji Kakigori, Red Melon Kakigori and Milo Kakigori. Signature Toast that’s topped with fresh fruits and ice cream is even served at the cafe, along with Croissant Taiyaki filled with sweet and savoury fillings!

2. Miru Dessert Cafe

Miru Dessert Cafe
Image credit: mirudessertcafe

They don’t only have Kakigori at this place but look forward to their honey toast & waffles, mille crepe and burnt cheesecake for the ultimate experience at Miru Dessert Cafe! Kakigori that you can look forward to are Milo Dinosaur, Mango Sago, Two-tone, Strawberry Cheesecake and even Roasted Milk Tea!

3. Kakiyuki

Image credit: Burpple

Used to be known as Kakigori but now, has rebranded and changed to Kakiyuki so yeah, don’t get mixed up or confused here. With clear and strong ice being turned into fluffy and smooth shaved ice mixed with premium and fresh fruit ingredients, you got yourself some delicious Japanese delicacy. Some interesting names of their Kakigori that I think might just catch your attention like Black Samurai, Blue Dream, Watermelon Kiss and Pink Mont Blanc.

4. Hanbing Korean Dessert Café 

Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe
Image credit: hanbingkoreandessertcafe

As mentioned on their website as the #BestBingsuInTown, we have zero doubts about it because according to their Instagram feed, their bingsu just looks absolutely captivating and delightful! Besides bingsu, they even have savoury dishes on the side that I know deep inside you want to try them out so bad like their Korean Egg Sandwich and Ramyeon!

5. Soylab

Image credit: Soylabcare4u

Now, this one is a little different than the others. Here at Soylab Malaysia, they provide a substantial soy milk dessert that’s going to smooth out your everyday life. They’re generally vegan-friendly and free from meat and alcohol. Definitely check out their chilled soy shaved ice to refresh yourself on a hot, sweaty day along with their dairy-free soft serve, Signature Souffle and Tofu Katsu Soy Waffle Sandwich.

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