5 Best Ways To Use Durian Husk

Durian season is in town and it’s just stacks of Durian husks lying around near the trash can. But did you know that Durian husks also have their own benefits?  Yes, that’s right! Before you throw the husks away, make sure to fully utilize them. Come and check out the 5 best ways for you to use Durian Husks starting from today!

1. Neutralization Effect

Neutralization Effect img

Our body becomes heaty after eating durians- neutralize it by drinking water from the husk.
Fill plain water into the durian husk and simply drink from it!

2. Eliminate Durian Smell From Fingers

Eliminate Durian Smell From Fingers img

Contradicting but actually true! A compound in the husk acts as a deodorizer to get rid of the smell.
Scrub your fingers on the husk to eliminate the stench.

3. Get Rid Of Bad Breath After Eating Durian

Get Rid Of Bad Breath After Eating Durian img

Similar to the previous post, the compounds in the husk helps eliminate the durian smell.
Pour saltwater into the husk, scrape the interior with a fork. Gargle and rinse your mouth with this mixture.

4. Turn Them Into Composts

Turn Them Into Composts img

Instead of increasing waste, you can use the husk to create composts for your garden.
Cut them husk into smaller pieces then add other compost ingredients such as kitchen scraps, leaves, etc.

5. Husk Paper

Husk Paper img

You can create handmade paper using durian husk.
Split the husk into smaller pieces, soften it by boiling them, then mash with a blender. Use a mould to create the paper.

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