5 Types Of Dried Chilli You Should Know About | When To Use & How Spicy It Is

You will see many types of dried chilli in the market? But which should you use exactly?

Well this article will help you answer that question!

1. Spicy Dried Chilli

Image Credit: shopee

The spicy dried chilli is smaller with slight wrinkles. 

It is super spicy and should be used sparingly in cooking. Those with a sensitive tummy or have gastric issues should just forget about tasting it hahaha! Please approach at your own risk.

2. Normal Dried Chilli

Image Credit: exportersindia

This chilli is very wrinkly and long. It has a deep red color.

It is slightly spicy so it would be great to be used to add flavor into dishes. If you can’t eat much spicy food, this would be actually considered quite spicy for you already.

3. Salem Dried Chilli

Image Credit: india.com

This dried chilli originates from Salem, India. It looks like small cherries.

It is best used in Indian cuisines. The spicy level is moderate so you don’t have to worry much. It has a rather nice fragrance and taste.

4. Yidu Dried Chilli

Image Credit: alibaba

Yidu Chili comes from China. It is large and does not have wrinkles.

It is great to be used for making sambal also known as chili paste. It is actually not spicy at all! SURPRISING, I KNOW! It can be a bit expensive though.

5. Kashmiri Dried Chilli

Image credit: amazon

As the name suggests, it is probably from Kashmir, a region of the Indian subcontinent. It has a very deep red color with many wrinkles. Sadly, it is quite difficult to be found in Malaysia. Not to worry though, you can order it online.

Awesome to be used in tandoori, banana leaf meals and other Indian dishes. Also, it is actually not really spicy.

Credits for this extremely useful tip goes to Veera Saravanan.

Now you can be rest assured of the spiciness level and add these chillies accordingly to your food! Have fun cooking!

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