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If you are like me, a person who absolutely loves Japanese Cuisine, then you gotta check out some of these places. There are some that are rather pricey and some that are absolutely affordable. From traditional Japanese Dishes to Ramen, Hotpot and BBQ, here’s a list of some of the best Japanese Restaurants.

1. Rakuzen

Image Credit : Rakuzen

What I absolutely love is the freshness of Rakuzen’s Sashimi (sliced raw fish). It’s so succulent and comes in generous slices. They have tons of options on their menu. From their appetizers, Sushi, Maki (rolls, pressed sushi), Yakimono (grilled food), Agemono (fried food), Nabemono (pot dishes) and definitely Dons (rice bowls).

I am particularly a fan of ordering their daily set lunches. It’s so worth the money. It comes with a variety of appetizing sides.

Image Credit : Rakuzen

Rakuzen will give you a sophisticated Japanese Restaurant vibe. With lowlights and wooden exterior, it feels great for a romantic date too.

2. Senya

Image Credit : Senya

Just look at the generous amount of pork in my bowl. Dayummm. Senya is famous for their scruption Pork Don. It’s marinated to perfection. This is what I order everytime i come over. They have other delicious dishes that you can try too!

Image Credit : Senya

The place also has a nice cozy vibe. The price is definitely worth the amount of portion given and high quality tasting food.

3. Edo Ichi

Image Credit : Edo Ichi

This place has really affordable choices of set lunches that change every week. You get to choose two main dishes that come along with a side of salad and miso soup. Personally, I love their hotate (scallop) and salmon (I come with my friend on the weeks where they serve it hehehe). 

The other sets are a bit more pricey but they really taste superb too.

Image Credit : Edo Ichi

A classic Japanese Restaurant vibe can be felt here too. With the wooden exterior and soft comfy seating. 

4. Bari-Uma Ramen

Image Credit : assentia

This is where I go to get my ramen fix. They serve authentic Japanese Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) Ramen, which is why I love it so much! It’s so rich and flavorful and makes you go ‘ummph’ with every slurrp! You also have condiments to add further taste according to your liking.

Image Credit : assentia

You can also choose the one that is served with Nori (Seaweed) for added texture and taste. Plus, all their noodles are handcrafted! So the texture of the Ramen is just exquisite.

5.ROCKU Yakiniku

Image Credit : eatigo

The BBQ at ROCKU Yakiniku is gonna Rock You! (pun definitely intended) You have a variety of choices from meat, seafood to fresh veggies to BBQ to your heart’s content. Get some of those sauces while you’re at it too for extra flavor! 

They serve buffet lunch and dinners daily that are all below RM50. Some of their outlets feature a live band which I really enjoyed too.

Image Credit : tableapp

I’d recommend going here with a large group of friends because there is just something about BBQ and friends. It really hits differently. 

Additionally, there is also a student lunch promo with 20% off from 11am – 5pm on weekdays.

6. Suki-Ya

Image Credit : Suki-ya

Whenever I’m craving for Japanese Hot Pot Buffet – Suki-Ya is the name that comes to my mind. It’s tremendously worth the price for all-the-meat you can eat! The choices of meat are chicken, lamb and beef, all cut to perfect little slices. 

Plus, they have a range of soups to choose from. Usually it is served in a pot with two sections, so you can choose two types of soup. My favorite is the spicy and miso soup.

Image Credit : emobananaboy

Another awesome thing is that they have a wide range of vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, clams for you to add into your soup for extra flavor. Besides that, they also have really delicious condiments like sauces, garlic, cilantro that you can add and mix as you please to use it as a dip for your meat. Some people tend to love eggs in their soup, so there is that option too!

You would think that it’s over, but I’m not finished yet! They also have sushi! So while waiting for your soup to heat and ingredients to cook, you can enjoy a few pieces of sushi.

Image Credit : ordinaryreviews

Now we all know that sweet, cold desserts after a hot meal are awesome to have, and here you can have ice-cream as desserts! Moreover, it’s also free-flow! They usually have their delicious matcha, chocolate or a combo of both that you can pick and add toppings to it. Yes even toppings are provided! (Now you know why I love this place right hehe) The toppings that are available are cornflakes, chocolate rice and nata de coco (I usually put all these bad boys haha).

Image Credit : flickr

I like their curvy seating area in the Pavillion Outlet, it’s great when you have a group of friends waiting together. From around RM30-RM40, this is one of the most affordable and great places for Japanese Hot Pot Buffet.

7. Sushi Zanmai

WIth so many sushi restaurants, I’d still always go to Sushi Zanmai. Why? Because they have a ton of variety that tastes scrumptious and the prices are still affordable!

Image Credit : avenuek
Image Credit : avenuek

I love their other dishes like their ‘Don’s (rice dish) too. They come with a lot of variants from beef, to prawn layered with eggs. Even their appetizers are great! I like how their Mash Potato Salad was filled with potato chunks!

Image Credit : 1mk

Just look at how elegant the place looks. Loved the atmosphere. They tend to have lots of promos during festive seasons and also weekly discounts on selected items on their menu. (You should definitely grab the chances when your favourite dish is on the discounted list that week)

There you go. My personal list of Japanese Restaurants that are absolutely worth the trip! Itadakimasu~

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