9 Things To Do At Your Condo During FMCO

As events are cancelled, venues close, public places close, shops close, sporting events are cancelled, foreign travel is barred, schools are closed, and tourist destinations are closed, What can you do when you’re stuck at home inside? We’ve compiled a list of 9 ideas to make your lockdown fun and interesting!

1. Turn up the music and dance – It’s party timeee

2. Play hide and seek – Either in your house or around the car park

3. Have a BBQ at your balcony – Just imagine those smokey delicious flavours, yum!

4. Take insta-worthy pictures of your surroundings – Snap, snap away!

5. Try a TikTok Challenge – We know you secretly wanted to try one of those trends

6. Try a new recipe! – Not Maggi pls

7. Start a new hobby – Did you know that juggling is also a hobby?

8. Start a podcast! – Great if can’t stop talking and sharing your thoughts haha

9. Play badminton with Mr.Wall – You can try your best to defeat him!

So which will you try today?!

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