A Gigantic 30kg Goldfish Named “The Carrot” Caught By Fisherman in France

A gigantic goldfish named “The Carrot” was caught and released to the waters by a British angler at Bluewater Lakes in Champagne, France.


The goldfish is known to be one of the world’s biggest goldfish, weighing 30kg (67lb). The Carrot was put in a lake at a fishery in France when it was young and is believed to be over 20 years old. Even so, the goldfish is rather hard to catch and rarely seen out of the water, making it an elusive fish. 


Angler Andy Hackett, 42, mentioned that he spent 25 minutes reeling the goldfish in and was thrilled when it tipped the scales at just under five stones.

The Carrot was actually 13kg (30lbs) heavier than what was known to be the world’s biggest goldfish, caught in Minnesota, US, in 2019 by Jason Fugate.

It was also more than double the size of a 13kg (30lbs) bright orange koi carp caught in the south of France in 2010 by Italian Raphael Biagini.


“I always knew The Carrot was in there but never thought I would catch it.” Hackett said.

“I knew it was a big fish when it took my bait and went off side to side and up and down with it. Then it came to the surface 30 or 40 yards out and I saw that it was orange.”

“It was brilliant to catch it but it was also sheer luck.” he added.


The angler posed for a few pictures with his record-breaker catch before releasing it safely into the waters. 

Video Credit: Bournemouth News & Picture Service (YouTube)

“We put The Carrot in about 20 years ago as something different for the customers to fish for.” said the fishery manager, Jason Cowler. 

“Since then it has grown and grown but it doesn’t often come out. She is very elusive.” 

“She is in excellent health and condition. Congratulations to Andy on a great catch.” he added. 

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Source: Daily Mail

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