All purpose flour

The most COMMON and USEFUL flour you MUST HAVE in your kitchen – All Purpose Flour. It’s a flour to make a multitude of recipes, that’s why it’s called ‘all-purpose’ because it can be used for all baking purposes. We use MFM Cap Ros Flour All Purpose Flour, a mixture of hard flour (hard wheat) and soft flour (soft wheat) to make the tastiest bread, buns and cakes.


All purpose flour are made of a mixture of hard flour and soft flour. Hard flour are made of hard wheat and content higher protein compared to soft flour. Soft flour are made of soft wheat which content lower protein.


You need to knead the dough more to develop gluten. Protein in AP flour are a bit lew compared to bread flour if the recipe call for bread flour and knead for 10 minutes. Just use AP flour and knead for about 15-17 minutes ( using stand mixer of course )


The mixture of AP flour and Bread flour will make your bun fluffy and springgy. The protein content is more like a 75% which is sufficient for a great bread pull but yet soft.


With AP flour all you need to do is to sift the flour for an easy mix. Second, you need to
mix it in short period of time to avoid any gluten development.

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