7 Smoothies Recipes Like Boost Juice But Cheaper | Enjoy This At Home!

We all love Boost Juice! The fruit smoothies there are just awesome!

But we can’t always go and buy it so perhaps we can try making some on our own at home. It’s fun to try various combinations of drinks and let your family and you try!

Plus with Malaysia’s hot weather, a smoothie like these would be so perfect.

So let’s check some cool smoothie recipes you can try right at home!

1. Kiwi Banana Smoothie

image credit: eatthismuch

With some banana, milk, yogurt and kiwi, you can create a super nice smoothie combo! After  gathering the ingredients, just throw ‘em in the blender, blend until it is smooth and enjoy. Tons of potassium, calcium and Vitamin C in this one!

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2. Peach Yakult Smoothie 

Image Credit: leplaincanvas.

In just a matter of minutes, to be specific – 3 minutes! That’s all the time you need to create this absolutely delicious smoothie.Yakult is already awesome by itself, imagine just adding some peaches and milk, it’s just going to be further elevated! Plus peaches are really good for your digestion, eyes, skin and immune system.

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3. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Image Credit: foodwithfeeling.

Oh mama mia. Peanut butter and banana? AS A SMOOTHIE?! Now you know why it’s so fun to make your own smoothie, because you can create classic favourite combinations of flavors like these. It’s also really simple to make. You just need a banana, milk, yogurt and peanut butter. Combine these precious ingredients in the blender, start blending and voila!

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4. Mango Graham Shake 

Image Credit: friendcheapmenu

This recipe is actually very popular in the Philippines. It is also incredibly easy to make. You will need mangoes, milk (both condensed and evaporated), cream, ice and crushed graham! It gives a really nice texture and taste due to the addition of graham. This is something you should definitely try.

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5. Chocolate Oat Smoothie

Image Credit: kitchensanctuary

Chocolate lovers, don’t ever think we forgot about you hehe! Here’s a smoothie recipe for you. You will need dark chocolate (dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate because of its rich taste and that it is healthier), almond milk, rolled oats (rolled oats will be better than normal oats because it has a thicker texture so it won’t get all soggy), almonds, banana, chia seeds and some water. 

You will heat up the chocolate and milk then blend the other ingredients. Once the blending is done, you simply pour it into your chocolate mixture. Top it off with almond flakes and cocoa powder if you like.

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6. Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Image Credit: sunkissedkitchen.

You will need dragon fruits, mango, bananas. Almond milk or coconut milk, lime juice and some ice. That combination of fruits is a powerhouse of vitamins and energy such as Vitamins C, iron and potassium. Plus this will be good for people who can’t take dairy, since we use almond or coconut milk.

You can add protein powder in this smoothie too, we know you gym junkies will definitely do hehe!

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7. Banana Milkshake

Image Credit: bbcgoodfood

Banana milkshake and ice cream in a cup. How can you not resist this? Plus it even has a cherry on the top! Oh and a crispy dried banana chip. YUMMMM. This is what I’m going to be making next!

You will need skimmed milk, bananas, double whipped cream, ice cream, cinnamon, banana chips and a cute little cherry.

After blending all the banan, milk and ice cream, you will top it off generously with whipped cream, a pinch of cinnamon and the banana chip and cherry. It’s as easy as that!

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