Best 7 Cheesecake Around Klang Valley To Order Online!

I’ve always thought cheesecake would taste exactly like those cheese slices I always consume when I was a kid and at first, I thought “That’d be such a weird-tasting cake”. Boy, was I wrong. Wrong because it didn’t taste like the cheese, in fact, it’s even better. Cheesecake gets even better throughout the years, from the New York Cheesecake that we know to Burnt Cheesecake that’s currently the talk of the town. In this list, I’m listing off the best 7 cheesecakes YOU can try out by ordering online! No need to worry about going outside, just order it from the comfort of your home! 

1. Offlinebakingchic

Image credit: offlinebakingchic

If you’re not a cheesecake lover, this shop is determined to change that with theirs. This chic store offers delicious mini Burnt Cheesecake that will have your jaw dropped and tummy full with its many varieties of best seller flavors such as Classic, Matcha, Durian, Coffee, Houjicha, Dark Chocolate, and Lotus Biscoff. Don’t worry, they even have whole cake cheesecakes if you think minis aren’t enough! Do explore their Instagram page for more details and prices! 

2. Purple Monkey

Purple Monkey
Image credit: purplemonkey

At Purple Monkey, they are set on delivering the best tasting cheesecakes for you! Why go for ordinary when you can do extraordinary? They’re known for picking the premium ingredients to craft these gorgeous, delicious cheesecakes that will make you come crawling back for more, or more like going on to their website and tapping on the purchase button. Their bloody delicious frozen cheesecakes are what you’re going to get when you go on there! From their classic ‘Say Cheese’ to ‘Fruit Garden’ (Literally looks like what it’s called). Available at plenty of locations and online too! Check out Purple Monkey to order!

3. Cat & the Fiddle

Cat the Fiddle
Image credit: catandthefiddlemy

This lovely shop shines out as the place that serves prime quality cheesecake to every cheesecake lover out there. Plenty to choose from as they have a diverse cheesecake selection of 21 flavors! Insane ‘cause how are we supposed to pick one now? Check out their all-time flavors such as Milo Dinosaur, Naughty and Nice Chocolate (this is very intriguing!), Jiggly Fluff, Fickle Feline 2.0 (basically just so many flavors for one cake!), King Cat of the Mountain and more! The names of these cakes are interesting enough that make you curious about the flavor! Be sure to explore the Cat & The Fiddle website for more details and order information!

4. EatCakeToday

Image credit: eatcaketoday

Eat Cake Today is known as the No. 1 Cake Delivery Shop around KL, Klang Valley, and Selangor! They have over 1200+ top-quality cakes that you can have ready for any event that you’re planning! Or even you know, order for yourself is more than fine too. But today, we’re focusing more on the best cheesecakes they have on there. Flavors like Macadamia CheeseCake, Oreo Chilled Cheesecake, Floral & Fruit Basque Burnt Cheesecake, and even The Puan Sri Special are sure to catch your attention. If you love some fruit on your cheesecake, they even have mango and peach flavors! Their website is ready and always available for you to check out!

5. Callitdessert

Image credit: callitdessert

Based in Ampang, this home-based bakery offers all sorts of cheese desserts and yes, that also includes cheesecake! Have a birthday coming up? Then, you better be ready by sending a pre-order to them 2-3 days before to get your own delicious Callitdessert’s cheesecake. Burnt Cheesecake, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese, Biscoff Cheesecake, and even Chocolate Cheesecake Oreo if you want something more chocolatey! Affordable and made with love, be sure to check out their Instagram for more! P/S: Not only cheesecake but they even have cheese tarts and kek batik on the side!

6. Cakerush

Image credit: cakerush

Just what my favorite Korean group always sings “Can you feel the rush?” multiple times in their song, well I guess I can answer that now with Cake Rush existence! Here at Cake Rush, they have a growing list of passionate and talented bakers ready to serve you with their amazing cheesecake with various flavors! Available for delivery in Penang and Klang Valley, get yourself one (or two! Because why not) of the cheesecakes made by various bakers and have it delivered to your doorstep! Take a peek at their cheesecake collection and hear your stomach grumbling, hungry for some cheesecake!

7. the_cheesecakemaster

the cheesecakemaster
Image credit: the_cheesecakemaster

This cheesecake bakery run by this mother-son duo is probably going to be your next favorite thing! Offering cheesecake in 7-inch to 9-inch sizes with three flavors such as Classic Cheesecake, Lotus Biscoff and Blueberry Cheesecake, be sure to head over their Instagram page to start ordering! You can even order an eggless vegetarian Cheesecake in 9-inch if you’re a vegetarian/vegan. Based in Kelana Jaya, you should definitely check them out and order one for yourself!

Hopefully, this will fuel your cheesecake cravings even more! Hehe, sorry not sorry. I mean, who can get enough cheesecake? Be sure to check them out and perhaps order one or two for a good time at home!

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