Best Food To Keep You Full During ‘Bulan Puasa’ | Savoury

We are back with another dose of food[Best Food To Keep You Full During ‘Bulan Puasa’ | Wanpaku Sandwich?] to keep you full during Bulan Puasa!


These savoury recipes are bound to make your mouth water and keep you energized throughout the day as they contain the protein and carbs that you need.

Let’s get to it!

1. Homemade Karipap Pusing Recipe

Now you can make your own karipap at home. A crispy local snack stuffed with potatoes and spices that is smothered in curry. (I can eat 3 in a go! That’s just how tasty it is haha!) Having these delicious snacks during sahur will put a smile on your face.

Get the Homemade Karipap Pusing recipe.

2. Asam Pedas Subs Recipe

Should I buy a Subway or Asam Laksa? Why not have both? Make an Asam Pedas Sub. Fresh tuna cooked with flavourful Asam Laksa Paste that gives you that sour, salty and savoury zing coupled with colorful vegetables (tummy is making sounds while reading). This is a great twist on subs in conjunction with Raya.

Get the Asam Pedas Subs recipe.

3. Beef Rendang Recipe

Image Credit: rasamalaysia

The rendang[Tips To Make The Best Rendang | Food For ‘Bulan Puasa’ ] is a thick savoury coconut beef curry which explodes with flavor. Enjoy this with a nice bowl of rice (or maybe two bowls hehe). Nailing the classic Raya dish will be easy now with this recipe. 

Get the Beef Rendang recipe.

4. Lontong

Image Credit: kuali

This Traditional Raya Dish is made with compressed rice cakes. It is topped with vegetables that were cooked in a coconut milk-based soup. It is a combination of mild, sour and savoury flavors. It is also a tinge of spice, cause you know we Malaysians gotta have food as spicy as us hehe.

Get the Lontong recipe.

5. Otak-Otak

Image Credit: nyonyacooking

Otak-Otak or Grilled Fish Cake is a wonderful dish that blends together fish paste and a variety of spices such as turmeric, chillies and lemongrass. All of them then pack a punch of flavor and a distinct aroma. Even as a kid I would always beg for more of these! You can’t go wrong with Otak-otak for Raya.

Get the Otak-Otak recipe.

6. Tauhu Goreng

Image Credit: asianfoodnetwork.

Tauhu Goreng is fried hot tofu that is served with peanut sauce, blanched crunchy bean sprouts and sliced cucumbers. It is then coated with a dash of toasted sesame seeds. Want an awesome Raya dish that is packed with proteins, bro this is for you!

Get the Tauhu Goreng recipe.

7. Soto Ayam

Image Credit: cooking.nytimes

The Soto Ayam is actually a satisfying bowl of chicken soup with noodles. This is literal chicken soup for your soul. Fuel up with this and stay energized throughout the day!

Get the Soto Ayam recipe.

8. Mee Rebus

A classic Malay noodle dish – Mee Rebus is noodles served with sweet potato-based curry. It is a glorious mixture of sweet and mostly savoury flavors. Ingredients like eggs, tofu and bean sprouts are commonly found in it! You will be slurping with delight!

Get the Mee Rebus recipe.

9. Bubur Lambuk

Image Credit: maggi

The bubur or porridge was actually served to the poor during the holy month of Ramadan. Now it has made its way to the dining table of many! It is a dish that is highly customizable, you add a protein of your choice in it. Nutritious and gives you a nice warm feeling in your heart.

Get the Bubur Lambuk recipe.

10. Lemang

Image Credit: thevocket.

Lemang is another extremely popular Raya delicacy. It is sticky rice that is made with coconut milk. It smells so good due to the coconut. If you’re wondering what’s that delicious looking curry, it is the beloved rendang. Yes! You can pair rendang with lemang! The traditional way of making lemang is by stuffing rice into bamboo and roasting it. But now it’s easier to make by steaming it in banana leaves.

Get the Lemang recipe.

11. Asam Pedas

Image Credit: nyonyacooking.

Oh this sexy bowl of curry is an absolute favourite by almost all Malaysians. It is a sour and spicy fish curry that is best eaten with warm rice. Watch your guests come back for several refills with this Raya dish!

Get the Asam Pedas recipe.

12. Serunding 

Image Credit: kuali

This is a precious plate of meat floss. It is a great side dish for lemang. It’s savoury and gives a nice texture when paired with lemang. It’s going to ‘fly’ from the plate because of how irresistible the flavour is going to be!

Get the Serunding recipe.

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