Boost Your Immunity With These Super Food

There are the real superheroes.
These superfoods will help you boost your immunity and protect you against the virus!
As we age, it is more important to incorporate them into our diet, plus these foods are HIGH IN Vitamin C which is also great for your skin!

Try adding them to your diet today!

1. Kiwi

Vitamin C – 135mg

2. Guava

Vitamin C – 228mg

3. Orange

Vitamin C – 24mg

4. Lemon

Vitamin C – 53mg

5. Lime

Vitamin C – 28mg

6. Papaya

Vitamin C – 150mg

7. Spinach

Vitamin C – 46mg

8. Kailan

Vitamin C – 64mg

9. Green Mustard / Sawi

Vitamin C – 53mg

10. Cassava Leaves / Pucuk Ubi

Vitamin C – 115mg

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