Cafe With A Pool Hidden Behind A Vending Machine!

It feels like Narnia or something.


You will be standing in front of what looks like a pink cute vending machine with the words ‘Dear You’. But as you get real close and start inspecting it, you will soon start to notice that it’s a door!

And once you open it, you will see a beautiful hidden Korean-inspired cafe that goes by the name, Dear You.

The hidden cafe is decorated with beautiful vintage accessories.

They have various types of seating including cozy sofas.

The pastel pink and green theme colors really give off a nice peaceful and contemporary vibe.

And then there is the bar like seating where you can see the pool outside.

I’m sure you would like to take food photos with the pool behind. The cake above is a Strawberry Cake and the drink is called the ‘Very Berry

The breakfast and brunch sets are so exquisite! They offer two options; for 2 pax (RM65) or for 4 pax (RM125). The platters feature popular breakfast classics like toasts, baked beans, eggs, fresh fruits, veggies, spreads and soups.

You can even sit by the pool if you prefer, it’s just right outside. (I would love to enjoy the view of the pool and enjoy my brunch here hehehe) The chairs by the pool also is in pink to match their theme color.

And their food looks just as aesthetic! 

You will always see toasts in their feed or hear about it when talking to someone who has been there. It is referring to their signature ‘Friendship Toast (RM45) that comes in two variants. This is the savoury one that is called the Soulmate. It comes with mushroom soup that has drops of truffle oil (talk about being luxurious) that is served with milk bread. And yes you can choose the toastiness since you will toast the bread yourself!

If you do not prefer a savoury kind of toast, and want something more sweet – there have that too!

This variant of the ‘Friendship Toast (RM45) also known as the Partner in Crime comes with a mini chocolate fondue, marshmallows, toast, peanut butter spread, jam and even peanut butter ice cream!

Just look at that cutie! And the name is so befitting, it’s actually called ‘Too Cute To Eat’.

A beautiful looking matcha ice cream with toppings.

This is their Seasonal Matcha Green Toast. So amazing how this hidden cafe has tons of delicious things to offer!

A ‘beary’ cute drink! And it’s called Berry Cute (RM15) 

This is actually their best seller! It is a strawberry flavoured ice shaped bear in a glass that is served with strawberry and banana milk for you to pour over. 

And of course with such a great atmosphere and food, it’s the perfect time to snap insta-worthy pictures!

This photo was taken near the poolside cafe.

And this was inside the cafe.

They even have self pick and delivery services from 11am-7pm daily.

What are you waiting for? Go drop by this Hidden Korean Cafe to not miss out on such an experience.

Address: No.495F, Jln Penang, 10000 George Town, Penang

Monday 11am–10pm
Tuesday 11am–10pm
Wednesday 11am–10pm
Thursday 11am–10pm
Friday 11am–2am
Saturday 11am–2am
Sunday 11am–1am

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