Day 1: Baking Tools

Are you trying to explore new things or challenge yourself and have decided to dive into the baking field? Either way, before we start to bake, we must at least be well prepared with the basics. Just imagine trying to mix cake batters without having any bowls to mix, won’t that be a disaster? 

Not to worry, we got you. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce to you all that you need to know, from what tools to use, recommended ingredients and finally easy-to-learn recipes to bake with ease!

Measuring Cup

In baking, measurement is a very important thing to follow. Making baked goods is hard to eyeball compared with making a savoury food where you all can eyeball the ingredient. Thus, having one measuring cup set will definitely help you in measuring things such as flour, sugar, etc with ease and accuracy. Just be sure that the recipe you are following is specifically designed for cup measurement. It is hard to convert gram into cup due to the density of the ingredients being differ. There are two types of measurements which are cup measurement and spoon measurement.

Kitchen Scale 

kitchen scale is the next level of measurement. Actually it is recommended to have one because the accuracy is perfect! If you are using a measuring cup the accuracy is not consistent and it might affect your baking goods. So, don’t be shy, just invest your money on buying one of these.

Mixing Bowl

A mixing bowl is needed to ensure efficiency. This is because mixing bowls are easy to wash, compared with other kitchen appliances such as a tupperware container, where it has edges. An alternative could be to have a stainless steel bowl because it is durable and also easy to clean as the bacteria is unable to be absorbed by the surface.


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A spatula is one of the most basic kitchen utensils that you need to have. The purpose of the spatula is to mix, fold and to scoop the ingredients, batter or dough. A silicone spatula is a great choice because it is so versatile and easy to clean too. 

Hand Whisk

The purpose of the hand whisk is to incorporate air into batter. However, it also can be used to break down certain ingredients. Beating cream using a hand whisk is a lot faster compared to a normal fork due to the looping wire structure where it has the ability to break the body of the water and thus, during that process the air will be trapped inside. 

Baking pan or Tray

A baking pan or tray is needed in order for you to put your batter or dough on before putting it into the oven. There are countless number of baking pans here and these are some of our favorites (insert baking pan and tray my weekend plan post) 

Offset Spatula

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Offset spatulas are a bit different than normal spatulas. The usage of the spatula is to lift, to core, and even to coat the cake. In other words, the offset spatula is the most versatile kitchen utensil that you can have!

Kitchen Scraper

This is one of our favorite tools, it is used in a lot of baking processes including cleaning your workspace. It works like a charm and it is easy to clean. In bread making, scrapers are used for slicing and working out the dough. It requires years of practice if you want to make your bread using hand. If you are still new, it is recommended to have this one because it prevents the dough from sticking onto your hand.

Baking paper or Silicone mat

Baking paper or a silicone mat is a must have kitchen tool. It helps you to prevent your baking goods from sticking to the pan. Yes, there are few tips to avoid that like by applying butter, but for me it is really time consuming and tedious to wash.  Moreover, by rolling your pastry on top of a silicone mat or baking paper you don’t have to worry about it sticking!

Pastry Brush

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The pastry brush seems pretty useless but it is not. Pastry brushes are important in order to deliver the best quality of baking goods. Especially in breads, where you need it to brush excess flour, brush the fillings, it’s role in the egg wash process and lastly, the finishing brush with butter. 

What are your favorite baking tools?

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