Different Types Of Durian You Need To Know

You know it’s Durian season when you see them being sold by the roadside hawkers. So you stop at their stall and get enveloped in this gorgeous scent that makes you look at every durian there is at that stall. Yet, you just can’t identify which Durian is which. With so many types, how do you differentiate them from a single glance? Well, come and take a quick lesson from us and you’ll be able to tell them apart with ease from now on! 

1. Mao Shan Wang

mao shan wang

2. Golden Pheonix

Golden pheonix

3. Red Prawn

Red Prawn

4. XO


5. D24


6. D13


7. Green Bamboo

Green Bamboo

8. Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Health Benefits Of Durian

health benfits of durian

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