Get Ready for Shopee 10.10 Sale with These Vouchers!

If you missed out on the last sale, don’t worry because Shopee’s 10.10 Sale has got your back! This is the time for you to take a dive and explore the wonders of Shopee’s 10.10 Sale. We’re sure that you’ll have a wonderful cart of the items that you were aiming for. Soon, you’ll get to own the things you were wishing for with the help of these amazing vouchers! Come and take a look at these fantastic finds before they run out!


  • Shopee Presale Build-Up
  • Shopee Voucher Timeline
  • How to Claim Vouchers
  • Top Brands Vouchers
  • Cashback Thursday
  • 10 Popular Products to Look Out For

Shopee Presale Build-Up

Some of us are probably antsy about the actual sale date. It could be for a number of reasons but the most common one would be if you were unaware of the time and date. Which is why Shopee made it possible for you to land awesome deals with various voucher codes and even having a ton of promotions. Take a look at some of them here:

  • Various large brands have decided to participate in this glorious sale, which makes it possible for you to grab a huge discount ranging from different items such as kitchen tools, home living, electronics and many more!
  • Shopee provides a “Daily Free Shipping” voucher with a minimum spend of RM10.00. So go claim them and use it from 12pm until 2pm every day!
  • Not to mention that the “Hot Products” update daily too! So go ahead and check in for some of the best products out there.
  • Here’s a tip: These vouchers always run out quickly so be ready to check out your items by the time you manage to claim them.

Shopee Voucher Timeline

12 AM12 PM8 PM-12 AMAll Day
Midnight MadnessFree Shipping HoursClaim 100% Coins Cashback50% Coins Cashback
Claim 100% Coins Cashback2x Free Shipping VouchersClaim 10% Coins Cashback for Malla SellersClaim 100% Coins Cashback
Brands Spotlight8% + 10% Coins Cashback
Free Shipping4% to 7% Supermarket Vouchers
Shocking Sale x10 Sessions

How to Claim Vouchers:

Browse vouchers

  • If you’re browsing for vouchers in general, take a look at the voucher page from the Shopee App homepage. Select Vouchers > Claim

Claiming Free Shipping Vouchers

  • To claim your Free Shipping Voucher, select Free Shipping on the Shopee App main page >  Claim.
  • Free Shipping Vouchers are renewed and distributed every month. Check regularly every month and claim the vouchers when they are available. Any unused Free Shipping Voucher will be forfeited and non-refundable.

Viewing Free Shipping Vouchers

  • To view your Free Shipping Vouchers, go to My Vouchers under My Wallet via the Me tab on Shopee App. Successfully claimed vouchers will automatically be stored in My Vouchers.

Top Brands Vouchers:

  • Come and catch the Top Brands Voucher to get a slice of that bougie lifestyle at an affordable price.

Check out some Top Brands like Riino and their amazing products while you’re there!

If you want to get a 50% discount from Riino, all you have to do is share and invite 4 friends to Shopee. It ends in 21 Hours though, so better hurry!

First discounts, now you’ll be able to spend and win? It couldn’t get any better than this! If you manage to spend RM250 and above in one checkout, you could stand a chance to win RM500 worth of ShopeePay credits. 

Some of Riino products range from some of the best electrical appliances out there, so be sure to take a good look at every offer you pass by.

Cashback Thursday:

  • Don’t forget to grab the opportunity to claim amazing cashback deals on Thursday!

Top 10 Popular Products to  Look Out For

If you’re just browsing through Shopee and don’t have a specific item to purchase, come and take a look at these popular products that almost always clear the shelves!

  1. SriHome 3MP Super HD Wifi CCTV IP Security Camera Night Vision

Look no further because one of the best security cameras has arrived! SriHome’s Night Vision Security Camera is built to have a high definition image resolution. This state-of-the-art security camera has the ability for a two-way voice intercom function. You don’t have to worry that much with this high functioning camera as it has a motion detection alarm and would be recording any movement captured. Best of all, you could have multiple CCTV views on your phone. How convenient! 


  1. E730/A18 Mini Drone

If you’re planning to get drones or simply interested in them, may we suggest taking out this mini drone for a spin? This mini drone could take you on a full 4K HD tour around the sky with its camera. With its long endurance for a long flight, it has an intelligent following mode and all it takes is one button for it to return back to you. Come and check it out now!


  1. Panaletrik Magic Bullet Blender Multi Bullet Food Processor

Panaletrik sure didn’t come to play when they released this bad boy. This amazing all in one multipurpose food processor will be a fine addition for you and your family to achieve that healthier lifestyle goal. You can use the bullet machine for various functions such as mixing, chopping, blending, whipping and many more! Go ahead and take a look at this wonderful innovation today!


  1. Deerma Deroma KY919 Cyclone Bed Vacuum Cleaner Anti Dust Mites 4-in-1

Say goodbye to the tiny dust mites in your bed with the help of Deerma Deroma KY919 Cyclone Bed Vacuum Cleaner 4-in-1 today! The powerful suction and sterilization function this vacuum holds will surely get rid of the trapped dirt and dust that lies within your bed. Come and clean efficiently with Deerma today!


  1. Giselle Hand Blender Set

If you’ve ever wanted to own a hand blender but didn’t have the budget for one, you better grab the chance to own this amazing set of Giselle Hand Blenders. Go and claim the vouchers for the sale to bring this fantastic hand blender set to your home for just under RM100.00!


  1. Gadgetbin Mini Waffle Maker

An easy and quick breakfast for the whole family to enjoy, Gadgetbin’s mini waffle maker will be the perfect addition to your kitchen appliances. This compact mini waffle will surely help you make delicious waffles hassle-free. Come and check it out today!


  1. Baseus Quick Charge Power Bank

If you ever need a quick charge, come and give Baseus Power Bank a go! This power bank could even help charge your laptop when you’re in a hurry. Come and check out Baseus Power Bank today!


  1. VINS Relax Massage Cushion

The best way to unwind is to take care of your body. What better way to do that than to use a massage cushion am I right? Try out VINS relaxing massage cushion to relax and melt away the knots in your body today!


  1. Pensonic 2-in-1 Multi Cooker PMC-1303 GSX

If you’re on the look out for a good multi cooker, look no further. Pensonic 2-in-1 Multi Cooker can help you cook delicious meals in a jiffy. This multi cooker has an adjustable temperature control for different types of cooking. From braising, to stir-frying to even grilling, Pensonic’s 2-in-1 Multi Cooker is a must have item in your kitchen!


  1. Riino Ultra Slim Induction Cooker

Enjoy cooking with Riino’s Ultra Slim Induction Cooker today! So easy to use and not to mention portable, this cooker will surely be of use anytime and anywhere! Come and check it out today!


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