Guys Bake Pie Without A Recipe

Have you ever tried baking something without a recipe? It can be a little hard right? Especially since baking puts a lot of emphasis on following recipes. This is because the measurement of the ingredients, the ratio of the flour to sugar and what not, are all KEY to SUCCESSFUL BAKING.

But in this show, you will see this group of guys, Keith, Eugene, Ned and Zach who try to bake pies WITHOUT A RECIPE! And of course, you’re going to see a lot of hilarious mishaps!

They are so funny and all have different perspectives on and approaches to baking and winning.

Keith is the one who actually engineered this show, but has not been winning. So he is really desperate this time. He is making a ‘gourdgeous pie’ or also known as pumpkin pie.

Eugene is the one who usually wins. Even in the last show, he was the one who won! He will be making what he calls the sexy pie, blueberry pie

Ned’s bread looked amazing but didn’t have much taste in the last show. So he is determined to make a difference this time in the flavor! This time he will be making the classic apple pie.

Zach is actually lactose and gluten intolerant and does not have much experience in baking, which he admits proudly haha! He claims that he will be making the best pie, pecan pie.

They will have 2 hours to present their pies to the panel of judges;

  • Mari who is a gaming host and loves sweets!.
  • Jessica, a marketing consultant, who judges the food and if it should be on the menu

As they are cooking, you will also see Brianna who is the Chief Pie Smith at Winston Pies. 

She will show you the basic ingredients you need to make the pie.



To ensure your pie tart holds its shape, doesn’t shift and shrink when baking, use some weights. You can use pie weights or even uncooked rice.


When using the weights, be sure to place parchment paper first before putting them. Otherwise, you might end up cooking your pie with the weights! 


Don’t mix sugar with the egg yolks too soon.

Check out the video here to see how their pies turned out and who wins:

We hope you found this video hilarious and made you entertained.

If you have any funny cooking or baking pictures, videos or any other hilarious cooking moments, do share them with us! We would love to see and hear them! 

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